Ex-Boyfriend Of Tamara Ecclestone Loses Court Row With Businessman

Ex-Boyfriend Of Tamara Ecclestone Loses Court Row With Businessman

An ex-boyfriend of Tamara Ecclestone has lost a court bid for more than £650,000 damages following a row with a fellow businessman over designer watches and jewellery.

Omar Khyami, whose relationship with the Formula One heiress ended in 2012, claimed eight high-end watches and three pieces of Cartier jewellery were taken from the safe of a Mayfair garage, where he had put them for “safekeeping”.

The list of items, most of which he said were gifts from Ms Ecclestone, included two diamond-encrusted Rolex watches he said were worth £162,000 in total and a Audemars Piguet watch he valued at £240,000.

He brought a case at the High Court in London against fellow businessman Haydar El-Muderris, who he alleged had taken the items.

But a judge ruled on Friday that Mr Khyami had not proved his case against Mr El-Muderris and was not entitled to compensation.

Master Davison said the evidence of both men was “unreliable” and that it was not his role to try to “unravel and explain the complex dealings” involved.

The judge found it was more likely than not that Mr Khyami had put some of the items up as security for loans.

Mr Khyami was previously involved in a dispute with Ms Ecclestone over a rare Lamborghini Aventador car, but the pair reached a settlement and she only continued her claim against two other parties involved.

He was also arrested in 2014 after Ms Ecclestone reported two items of jewellery missing, but no further action was brought against him after he and the wealthy socialite reached an agreement.

In his written ruling, Master Davison said Mr El-Muderris claimed he had received those items as well and returned them to Ms Ecclestone after receiving a call from her father Bernie, who he said had thanked him.


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