In Pictures: Meghan Markle Goes The Extra Royal Mile On Edinburgh Walkabout

In Pictures: Meghan Markle Goes The Extra Royal Mile On Edinburgh Walkabout

Prince Harry has brought Meghan Markle to Edinburgh as he continues to prepare his fiancee for life as a member of the royal family.

His future wife chose a tartan coat for her walkabout on the esplanade of Edinburgh Castle at the top of the city’s Royal Mile.

Pony Major Mark Wilkinson and regimental mascot Cruachan IV were among the welcoming party (Andrew Milligan/PA)

Harry and Ms Markle meet the gunners before the firing of the one o’clock gun (Jane Barlow/PA)

Ms Markle meets Pony Major Wilkinson during a walkabout (Ian Rutherford/PA)

Onlookers presented gifts to Ms Markle during her walkabout (John Linton/PA)

Prince Harry and Ms Markle arriving at Edinburgh Castle (John Linton/PA)

Harry during a walkabout on the esplanade at Edinburgh Castle (Andrew Milligan/PA)

Harry prepares to start his walkabout (Andrew Milligan/PA)

Flags were out for Ms Markle (Andrew Milligan/PA)

The soon-to-be royal couple arrive at Edinburgh Castle (John Linton/PA)

The Camera Obscura provided a good vantage point for some onlookers (Andrew Milligan/PA)

Ms Markle has already been embraced by royal watchers in Edinburgh (John Linton/PA)

Crowds gather ahead of a visit by Harry and Ms Markle to Edinburgh Castle (Andrew Milligan/PA)

Owen Humphreys

Harry and Ms Markle outside Social Bite, an independent sandwich shop and cafe, in Edinburgh (Owen Humphreys/PA)

Owen Humphreys

Prince Harry and Ms Markle drop by for a chat at the Social Bite cafe which donates all profits to social causes (Owen Humphreys/PA)

Ian Rutherford
Ms Markle greets well-wishers of all ages (Ian Rutherford/PA)

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