Theresa May To Hold Talks With Angela Merkel In Berlin

Theresa May To Hold Talks With Angela Merkel In Berlin

Theresa May will hold talks with German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Friday as the Government steps up efforts to make progress on Brexit.

Chancellor Philip Hammond has already embarked on a Brexit charm offensive, meeting European counterparts and business leaders.

The Prime Minister’s talks with Mrs Merkel at the Chancellery in Berlin comes ahead of her speech in Munich on Saturday.

And Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson will use a speech on Wednesday to set out his view of the next stage of the Brexit process.

Mr Hammond is visiting European Union members Sweden, the Netherlands, Spain and Portugal as part of his tour.

His first stop is Norway – which is outside the EU but is in the European Economic Area and part of the single market, a post-Brexit model rejected by Theresa May because it would not give control over laws or immigration and would require continued payments to Brussels.

The tour comes as the UK prepares to reveal further details of its approach to the next phase of the Brexit process, which will focus on a transitional deal for the period after leaving the bloc in March 2019 and the future trading relationship with Brussels.

Mr Hammond said: “I am taking the message to Europe that, while we are leaving the EU, Britain still cares about its relationships with the countries, citizens and businesses with whom we share a close history and common values.

“We look forward to agreeing a new, deep and special partnership with the EU that keeps our relationship growing strongly in the future.”


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