What The Papers Say – February 13

What The Papers Say – February 13

Further developments in the story surrounding alleged abuse by Oxfam workers dominate the front pages, along with the deaths of three Britons in a helicopter crash at the Grand Canyon.

The Times runs with the Oxfam story, saying that the chief executive “failed to act” on allegations that a woman was coerced into sex in return for aid in a disaster zone.

The Daily Telegraph runs with the same story, with the whistleblower claiming that rapes overseas and abuse in charity shops were ignored.

The Guardian says the charity is “fighting fallout” from the sex scandal, and also reports on an increase in people being admitted to hospital with potentially life-threatening eating disorders.

Barclays leads the Financial Times, with the report looking at allegations of “unlawful financial assistance” the bank is said to have arranged from Qatari investors.

The Metro carries a picture of the wreckage of the helicopter which crashed at the Grand Canyon, alongside the story of an “abuse scandal” in Oxfam shops.

The Independent runs with pictures of the Grand Canyon crash victims next to a story which says British charities must provide assurances they are protecting vulnerable people.

The i also covers the Oxfam story, with the deputy chief executive resigning in the wake of the allegations.

The Daily Mail reports that the Oxfam scandal has “widened” after claims of abuse spread to its charity shops, with the paper claiming there had been 123 claims of sexual harassment.

Tapes reportedly made by Soham murderer Ian Huntley from prison lead the Sun for a second day.

Meghan Markle has visited the victims of the Grenfell Tower fire to comfort them, reports the Daily Mirror.

The Daily Express says a drug which is used to battle arthritis will help stave off dementia.

While the Daily Star claims a “war has been declared” on pancake day races.


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