Bad Management Holding Back UK Productivity – Report

Bad Management Holding Back UK Productivity – Report

Bad management is the biggest drain on workplace productivity, according to a new study.

A third of workers say they struggle to be productive at work, with one in six blaming their manager.

A survey of 1,300 workers by management services firm ADP found that inefficient systems and staff shortages were other barriers to productivity.

Staff in the financial services industry were said to face the biggest problems with productivity, with one in five blaming bad management.

Older workers were more likely to suffer from poor managers, while under 24-year-olds were more distracted by social media or colleagues.

Jeff Phipps, managing director of ADP UK, said: “Ineffective management is a major drain on employee output, not to mention motivation and engagement, which is why investment in management training is critical.

“Processes, systems and technology must also be updated regularly, with the input of frontline staff, to ensure they are consistently helping them to work in the best – and most productive – way possible.”


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