Kim Kardashian West's Vogue India Cover Sparks Debate About Representation

Move over Kendall.

Kim Kardashian West has been put on the latest Vogue India cover for its chunky March issue. The double cover teases an ‘exclusive’ interview with the reality TV star and businesswoman, with Kardashian West wearing a couture tulle ‘saree-dress’ by Jean Paul Gaultier and a black slip by Phillip Plein.

Kardashian West’s sister Kendall Jenner faced a backlash when she became Vogue India’s tenth anniversary cover girl, and Kardashian West’s cover has again sparked a discussion across social media (especially Twitter) about whether this profile was the right move for the magazine in terms of representation.

Some have argued that Vogue India should give a voice to Indian women especially, rather than international stars and many of the faces and names the edition promotes are women who are either mixed or light-skinned with Eurocentric features.

However, others have defended the publication’s choice of cover star, arguing that this is a logical step for Vogue India to embrace the Kardashians’ large following. 

 Some stated that Kim Kardashian cover was iconic. 


Some also pointed out the amount of times Vogue India has put an Indian model or celebrity on its cover and argued that the Kim KW cover was balance on the publication’s part. 

Where do you stand on the debate? Let us know in the comments below. 

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