05/04/2018 13:11 BST | Updated 05/04/2018 13:11 BST

Bonang's Dreams For A Girl Child

She also shared details of her cocktail, and how she spends her moments in between episodes of her upcoming reality show.

Bonang Matheba.

If you ever wondered how Bonang Matheba spends her free time or what her wish for the South African girl child is, wonder no more. We got you.

HuffPost caught up with the media personality and businesswoman at the recent media announcement of Anatii as the third influencer for Courvoisier in Johannesburg. Anatii joined both Bonang and David Tlale as ambassadors of the brand.

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Message to the girl child:

With 15 years in entertainment, there's no doubt the 30-year-old knows what it is to be a young woman making her way in a tough industry.

She said her wish for girl children who look to her for inspiration, "is for all their dreams to come to pass".

"There's something about time that is very important. Allow time to do what it needs to do. Believe in hard work and the things that are meant for you will come to you. Just believe in time, work hard and have faith," she said.

Moments in between:

To celebrate her moments in between, all Bonang needs is, "good music and good people".

"I always make sure I'm surrounded by people I love and that I have a drink that I love in my hand and that the music is beautiful. That's how I unwind and celebrate the moments in life," she told HuffPost.

She also shared how her cocktail, Fleur De Bonang, came about.

"As part of our partnership with Courvoisier, we had to come up with cocktails. The brief came at a time when I was in France for the Paris Fashion Week. It hit me that because I'm a champagne lover, I could not have a cocktail without champagne – after all, anybody who knows me knows that I love champagne.

"I love pink and I love champagne, so that's how it came about," she said.

The year ahead:

She said the year 2018 is going to be bigger and better for her – highlighting an upcoming radio gig and the new season of her reality show, "Being Bonang", as well as mentioning she has a number of fashion lifestyle adventures coming up.

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"My reality show is back on May 4. As to what people can expect, season two will not be so different from the first. It's still funny. Pinky girl and all my favourite people are still there, including my family and friends.

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"I'm a very private person and I hardly share anything that's happening in my life, so this reality show is my way to do that. It's fun, light-hearted and just about family as well.

"I'm going to show people into my space, my work, family and friends. Obviously, people are trying to figure out how I'm doing ... well, you'll see that too in the show," she told HuffPost.