How You Can Help Combat The Causes Of Climate Change

You have the power to reduce your negative impact on the environment.
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Use things until they are truly unusable, and repair instead of replacing as often as you can. Buy used goods instead of new when that makes sense. And pass things down, or donate to a local charity shop, instead of trashing them — just remember that a lot of what goes into donation bins can end up thousands of kilometres away, or in a landfill, so don't use donation as an excuse to buy more.

Use less paper

Deforestation contributes to carbon change because trees trap carbon, and of course paper is made from trees. Working to reduce your paper use is another area where you can make a difference. Consider the number of shipments you get: boxes are made from paper, after all, and that adds up.

Only print things out when necessary, and make them double sided. Encourage kids to draw on scrap paper, or use it for note taking. And recycle or compost the paper you do use as much as possible.