Video Shows U.S. Frat Boys Miming Sexual Assault On Disabled Person

Fraternity brothers at Syracuse University face suspension or expulsion after being linked to a video showing the mock sexual assault of a disabled person.

Fraternity brothers at Syracuse University in New York state face suspension or expulsion after being linked to a second video showing inappropriate behaviour, this time depicting the mock sexual assault of a person with disabilities.

The U.S. college said on Monday it had filed complaints against 18 Theta Tau fraternity members alleging violations of its code of conduct, including behaviour that threatens the mental health or safety of anyone or any group, disorderly conduct and harassment. The frat brothers were removed from classes while the investigation is underway.

The school permanently expelled the fraternity on Saturday after a first video was leaked, showing fraternity brothers reciting an oath to forever hate African Americans, Hispanics and Jews. Student newspaper The Daily Orange then obtained a second video of young men inside the Theta Tau fraternity house who appear to be forcing another person, seated in a chair and wearing a helmet, to mimic performing oral sex on three individuals.

"He's drooling out of his mouth, because he's retarded in a wheelchair," one person can be heard saying.

Syracuse Chancellor Kent Syverud, in a statement, slammed the latest video for its "appalling and disgusting" display of "sexual assault, physical violence and grotesque hostility toward and mockery of people with physical, intellectual and other disabilities."

Theta Tau apologised for the first video, saying in a statement that the film was a "satirical sketch" created to roast a fellow fraternity brother. "The new members roasted him by playing the part of a racist conservative character."

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