11/05/2018 10:31 BST | Updated 11/05/2018 12:52 BST

7 Questions We Still Have From Being Bonang Season 1

The bubbly Queen of sparkle, Bonang Matheba is back on your screens with Being Bonang Season 2. We have a few questions from the previous season we hope she’ll answer.


Hate her or love her, Bonang knows what she wants (and just how to get it). With her incredible work ethic, her attention to detail, her distinct vision for her brand, and an entire brand team behind her, we look forward to seeing her soar in the newly released second season for her reality TV show, Being Bonang, currently airing on 1Magic.

But... we still have a few questions from Season 1, now available on Showmax, that we hope the brand and production team – and Queen B, of course - will answer:

*spoiler alert*

1. Where art Sefiso, darling?

Let's start with the elephant in the room – Sefiso Hlongwane. The chaotic, ball-dropping, overworked assistant we all loved (and felt for) made a dramatic exit in the show. The first several episodes could have easily been named 'The Devil Drinks Champagne' or 'How To Fire Your Assistant In 5 Episodes'. We know he's back for more of the B sting in Season 2 but will he get time management skills though?

2. Will Pinky Girl be the star of the new season?

We love B. But perfection can get boring. She never takes off her wig for the camera, we never see her without her makeup, she never gets sick and she's got zero chill. Her cousin and right-hand woman, Tebogo 'Pinky Girl' Mekgwe, did all of that and we know there's more where that came from. Because, where's the fun in flawless? The love that the unlikely star Pinky Girl has been getting from media and social media shows that people want a little bit of some 'flawsome' – awesome with all its flaws. Watch this space for Pinky Girl.

3. Has Bonang's book gone international yet?

Following the grammatical errors in her book and relaunch, which added to the drama on her show, there was talk of her memoir going international. After seeing her first season, we're in awe of her hardcore work ethic. The book was a PR disaster for her but also a sign of endurance in the face of adversity - we'd love to see Queen B slay abroad and 'silence the haters'.

4. Will Mo'ghel trademark B*lingo?

One of the memorable things from Season 1 is the lexicon that Bonang and Pinky have now made viral. The terms 'Mo'ghel' or 'Mo'girl' are hugely popular and it would be such a missed opportunity if she didn't trademark or copyright them.

We've heard phrases like 'Go monate' (loosely translated 'we're having a good time'), 'give the people what they want' and 'champagne, darling!' before but not in the way B says them. It's a total thing now. While we're there, will she come up with a B*nglish dictionary?

Catch up on all the bling, all the sparkle, and all the B stings in Season 1 of Being Bonang, now available to B-inge on Showmax.

...give them what they want. ❤️

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5. When will someone give Bonang a watch endorsement?

In most episodes of Being Bonang Season 1, Queen B makes a note of time and easily throws out phrases like, 'time darling', is'khati sewatshi (time) – all while pointing to a watch that is sometimes non-existent - and we've heard her say, 'I'm anal about time' and 'everything has to be precision'. It seems like such a fitting endorsement for B to partner with a watch brand. Plus, Mo'ghel is a mogul!

Being Bonang

6. Can someone #PassTheChampagne shares, please?

Speaking of B the mogul... we're happy that she's ambassador for the cognac brand, Courvoisier, However, with the amount of champagne that our darling B was drinking – in every episode – she is very deserving of some equity in the Moët brand. Perhaps this will be part of one of her international conquests in the new season?

.....cheers daaaaarling!!! 🥂💕👑 #GlobalChampagneDay #Bmoji

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7. Was the AKA break up part of the script?

In the first season, we fell in love with her relationship with AKA or Kiernan Forbes. While reeling from her announcement that there won't be a second season (what was that about?!), we then found out the two are no longer an item. Is this one of those classic "we want more!" artist stunts? No darling... give the people what they want.

There are so many questions we could ask but that would be giving too much away. Binge-watch the entire season of Being Bonang Season 1, with no interruptions... only on Showmax darling!

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