16/07/2018 20:03 BST | Updated 16/07/2018 21:51 BST

Blake Shelton Falls On Stage, Says 'Yes I Had Been Drinking. A Lot.'

He asked fans for video of the “10 second giant s**t fall.”

Jason Kempin via Getty Images
Blake Shelton during a steadier performance at the 2018 CMA Music Festival on June 8 in Nashville.

Blake Shelton took a tumble during his performance at the Pendleton Whisky Music Fest in Oregon on Saturday night, but he was in good spirits about it.

The singer also admitted that spirits led to the fall. 

“OK Pendleton I know somebody is bound to have video of me falling on stage last night!!” the 42-year-old tweeted on Sunday. “Please!! I have to see it!!! Post that shit! And yes I had been drinking. A lot..” 

One of Shelton’s fans answered his request with a video taken by the fan’s friend: 

After the singer said he wanted a closer look at the fall, another fan sent him some more footage: 


The “I Lived It” singer jokingly blamed fellow performer Pitbull for the mishap. 

“By the way, @pitbull...I blame you. It was my attempt at competing with your show...” Shelton tweeted. “I am a dancing son of a bitch when I don’t take a 10 second giant shit fall...”

Shelton also hit out at a fan who accused him of showing up drunk and giving a low-quality show. 

“Oh I’m sorry ma’am... This account is meant for people who actually have a sense of humor,” he said. “We’re not accepting cry baby tweets today.. Maybe try again tomorrow!”

Earlier this month, Shelton attended all three of his girlfriend Gwen Stefani’s shows in Las Vegas, calling himself a “stalker.” No word on whether she told embarrassing stories about his exes while she was onstage.