22/08/2016 10:12 BST | Updated 20/08/2017 06:12 BST

Really Happy

I think it's great Jennifer Aniston spoke out (For the record dated 12 July 2016) about her non pregnancy and spotlight on her comings and goings. I for one agree with her. As a 40 something single girl, some people do look at you, mostly women and assume that you must be unhappy and not fulfilled because you don't have a partner or child. Well for the record like Jennifer. I'm not incomplete and I'm certainly not unhappy.

On the contrary, I live a good life. I've done many things that my married friends, some who are mothers haven't done. I've embraced opportunities. My life is full of fun, family and good friends. I have several nieces/nephews/God children which I spoil rotten. I buy them the Guinness book of records every year or the latest football kit, just in case one day they turn professional (standard Auntie, God mother present). I can then say I bought their first kit! I have a good job. I get to travel when I want to, where I want and I'm not tied to paying double and having to go away in school holidays. I sleep in if I want to. Go shopping when I want to. Go away for weekends. I can be spontaneous. And I'm happy and fulfilled.

In this day and age we fight for women to be seen as equals in the boardroom. We argue for equal pay and choice. So women who look and pity me, please don't. I'm happy with my life. People may think I protest too much but it's true.

I may not have the same lives as some and it's a shame that society makes people believe you have to have a mate and children (mostly both) to be "really happy".
As I look around me, some people who have both these things are the unhappiest people I know. They are in the wrong relationship but scared to leave and fear being on their own, arguing all the time with their partner, moaning at the kids all the time, run ragged by their kids social life, moaning at lack of sleep and interrupted meals. So what's real is what actually makes YOU happy and it's not always what everyone else thinks it should be! I've only just really realised this as I've turned 40. It's taken a while to get here and appreciate that.

So for the record like Jen. I'm not saying I wouldn't want these things, but equally my life is full and I am happy right now. And if either or both come along then it's a bonus but my life certainly isn't on hold until then.

Well done Jen for putting some perspective on it and being real.

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