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Things I Ought To Do With My Toddler...But Don't

That's not to say that my toddler son and I don't pack out day with a multitude of fun's just that these particular activities have the tendency to drive us (ok, me) to the brink.

Do you know what I mean when I say this? The things that you feel like you ought to do, because every other mother around you seems to (and actually enjoy doing!) while you sit and avoid the activities at all cost. That's not to say that my toddler son and I don't pack out day with a multitude of fun's just that these particular activities have the tendency to drive us (ok, me) to the brink.

#1 - Sing Nursery Rhymes

Unless you count 'You Are My Sunshine' as a nursery rhyme, then, no, I don't sing. I just don't have the repertoire or the desire to sing 'The Wheels On The Bus'. I kind of wish I did, but nursery rhymes just make me cringe (and some are so scary - 'Ring A Ring A Roses', anyone?!) I will, however, more than happily belt out Dancing Queen, Karma Chameleon, Living On A Prayer, and other golden oldies in the name of entertainment and, ah, musical education!

#2 - Arts & Crafts

I was such an arty kid growing up - I loved painting, drawing, making, creating! I always imagined I would be that awesome arts & crafts Mum, but it just never transpired. I think it's something to do with the magnitude of mess created in proportion to the minimal amount of fun it brings to my toddler (and me!) Maybe we'll enjoy it more when he is bigger...

#3 - Bake Together

Ok, I did attempt it two weeks ago. And it reaffirmed my reasoning for not baking together in the first place. Flour, hot bowls, goo and tears. That is all. I just find it WAY more stress-inducing than I probably should. Oh, and the amount of sugar consumed by my toddler during the process in never beneficial in relation to anything.

#4 - Attend Toddler Classes

We once went to a Music & Rhythm Class. It was sweet in some sense, but I really spent the whole class being made to prance around while feeling terribly awkward as my toddler, simultaneously, did everything BUT sing, dance or generally enjoy himself. Nah, I'll just pop Abba on the iPod and we'll sing and dance at home...with just the cat judging us.

#5 - Go For Playdates

Playdates with other mums is something I am sad to say I have epically failed at. It's not that I don't want to have them, it's just that I am always busy working, running errands, or enjoying one-to-one time with my son. I have a few lovely mum friends, but they're so busy too. All my other friends are yet to become parents, and I would MUCH rather catch up with them alone...preferably with glass of wine in hand.

#6 - Go To The Supermarket Together

This is something I recently banned. NO MORE! Seriously, what is it about supermarkets that make toddlers think they can run around like rabid wild goats?! Something ends up smashed. Always. And if not, well, the trip usually ends in a battle of wills as my toddler insists on a new set of toy cars to add to the millions already dispersed across the living room. I ADORE my son beyond reason...except in supermarkets. From now on I visit supermarkets unaccompanied - what a life of leisure I surely lead!

Things I AM brilliant at doing with my toddler...

Swimming and playing in the pool, going out for wanders on his trike, running and chasing, playing sandcastle, playing water, playing trains and cars, playing 'Mummy-monster', reading reading reading, watching TV (ha!), exploring the town in search of new venues, sharing ice cream, eating healthy food, cuddles snuggles and affection, talking, counting building blocks, recognizing colours, recognizing shapes, watering our plants, choosing outfits for the day in a non-stressful manner, enjoying mealtimes and much much more...

You see, you don't have to do it all. All that matters is that you rock at the things you DO enjoy doing together!

Abbey x

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