21/11/2014 05:51 GMT | Updated 20/01/2015 05:59 GMT

Five Secrets to Help Female Entrepreneurs Get Ahead

What happens when your ambition becomes detrimental to you state of well being? As a female entrepreneur you will be only too aware of the constant presence called burning ambition but at what cost? Is it possible that breakthroughs can triumph over breakdowns?

In this last year alone I've had more clients approach me with feelings of burn out, loneliness or isolation, all seeking the holy grail of the perfect balance in family-work-play than ever before. Not to mention that financial worries, sleepless nights or relationship strains.

Here are five secrets that every successful female entrepreneur should know:


You've probably launched products and ideas, seemingly 'the one' that would elevate you to six and seven figures but when it crashed and burned so did you.

Successful female entrepreneurs bounce back by recognising that failure isn't as bad as it seems. It's the ones that take consistent action who surely thrive. Through using your experience of product and service failures, implementing the drive, action and above all, customer feedback into your next master plan; usually breakthroughs follow suit.


Just as you would invest into your business with building your website, accreditation, marketing, professional memberships, renting an office, purchasing equipment and advertising, your wisest investment is in you.

Successful female entrepreneurs know that they need to keep their blinkers off by continually expanding and moving with the times. Women who flourish in business are constantly striving to improve themselves, so that they can pass on their knowledge as a better way to serve their clients. You could invest in a mentor, a coach, a therapist, or an advisor. You may decide to enroll onto a training course or increase your formal qualifications. Whichever way you do decide to invest in you, remember that they come with outstanding recommendations or are experts in their field.


Listening to judgement and criticism from yourself is one thing but from the ones that are meant to have your back? Well that's another!

The female entrepreneurs, who stay ahead of their game, know that it is essential to their mental and emotional health, to have support systems in place. Many women in business choose networking groups with like minded individuals but the most prosperous Fempreneurs join or set up their own mastermind group so they can stay in high vibration to their purpose and vision.


Usually women fall into the trap of doing everything in business themselves. It echoes of the superwoman complex that especially Mompreneurs carry with them, which they have to master everything on their own and that asking for help is a huge blow to their ego.

Savvy female entrepreneurs have learnt to delegate tasks which sap their time, by outsourcing some of their to-do list to freelancers, or giving those jobs to experts who can do the job with ease. Yet the biggest impact on success is asking their loved ones for help with household chores, arranging holidays and childcare and above all saying yes to offers of help.


Those of us who have been on aeroplane know that in case of emergency, we must save ourselves first - we apply the oxygen mask to ourselves before helping another. The same applies in business.

Women who flourish in business have learnt that long nights, early mornings, bad diets and lack of exposure to daylight decreases their motivation and mojo, saps their energy and reserves, which only result in drying up their creative juices. By running yourself to the ground, you become still and sick when movement is exactly what is needed to be a successful female entrepreneur. Think of yourself as a cup and saucer; you fill your cup up until it 'runneth over', which you then serve the excess from your saucer. In essence, fill yourself up before you are fit to serve another.

In summary, we know that successful female entrepreneurs bounce back in business by realising that every setback or failure is an opportunity for growth and expansion. We know that behind every thriving female entrepreneur, there has been a mentor of some kind to push her beyond her own limitations and beliefs. We also know that sometimes strong boundaries are needed, in letting only certain people know about our business, to keep our minds set on positivity. Saying yes to receive help can be a challenge to some women but top entrepreneurial women recognise that they need to put their superwoman complex aside to succeed but above all, women in business should be making sure they are their number one priority, for if they are driving on empty they will only breakdown.

Now it's your turn, I'd love to here what's your 'best kept secret' that aides you in business?