21/05/2015 11:48 BST | Updated 20/05/2016 06:59 BST

Feature Fever

I've heard some awesome musical collaborations in the last few weeks. Back in the day, featured artists were a rarity. Label conflicts and the need to coordinate recording and touring schedules meant that artist collaborations required the exertion of significant levels of determination. Technology has enabled artists to collaborate no matter where they are in the world and labels and artists recognise the value of collaborative tracks as a way of exposing talent to a new fan base. On a creative level, collaborations can bring an entirely new dimension to an artist's sound. Enough rambling, let's get to the music.

Until The Ribbon Breaks feat. Run The Jewels

El-P and Killer Mike, the duo that are Run The Jewels, have been gathering speed since the release of their debut album in 2013. Revolution Indifference sees them join forces with Until The Ribbon Breaks, a British band spawned out of Cardiff. A stripped down, atmospheric fusion of electro, rock and hip-hop beats, Revolution Indifference deserves all the positive attention it's been getting.

Until The Ribbon Breaks feat. Run The Jewels - Revolution Indifference

Electric Owls feat. Shane Eli

Produced by Jon Pakfar, Shane Eli, Andy Herod and Bijou Choder, Last To Know is a banging fusion of Hip-Hop and Rock. The track has already been featured in the trailer for the new Entourage movie, and is a powerful mix of guitar licks and vibrant rap. I've previously written about Shane Eli, who has been gathering fans since the release of his debut album The Push. Eli is definitely one to watch and is currently working on material that will catapult him into the mainstream.

Electric Owls - Last To Know (Remix) feat. Shane Eli

DATA feat. Benny Sings

Data, a young French producer, has teamed up with Benny Sings, a Dutch pop artist for, Don't Sing, an upbeat, smiley track that has one of the most bravely sinister videos I've seen. The video is weirdly not safe for work, but then it is. Definitely not one for the kids. Or maybe it is.

DATA - Don't Sing feat. Benny Sings

Alan Wilkis feat. The KickDrums

Alan Wilkis is one of my favourite producers. His rich electro productions are a pleasure to listen to. Teaming up with The KickDrums for Come and Go was a stroke of genius. It's the kind of track that needs to come out every summer to remind people that there doesn't need to be much more to life than a warm breeze, a cloudless sky, and an endless afternoon.

Alan Wilkis - Come and Go feat. The KickDrums

King Los feat. Marsha Ambrosius

King Los makes powerful use of Marsha Ambrosius' melancholic vocals to punctuate a powerful, tragic story that builds throughout the low key, rolling track that is War. Smooth, ambitious single shot video that fits the track perfectly. Parental advisory on the lyrics.

King Los - War feat. Marsha Ambrosius