Why Misha B Should Thank Tulisa

08/12/2011 23:13 GMT | Updated 07/02/2012 10:12 GMT

I'm sure I wasn't the only one who resisted throwing my dinner at the TV after witnessing judge Tulisa's crocodile tears on Sunday night's X Factor, as Misha B sang her heart out for the last time, giving a perfect rendition of Jessie J's Who You Are, before being booted off the show and out of the final.

I thought to be myself, "save the waterworks love, as for someone who is always barking on about 'keeping it real' you're displaying less credibility than Frankie Cocozza wearing a 'Just Say No' T-shirt right about now!"

But even though I say that, if I were to run into Misha B out doing her Christmas shopping tomorrow (hopefully she won't be sporting that rhino horn hairstyle, as colliding with that could prove pretty painful), the first thing I would say to her is, "I hope you've got Tulisa's present at the top of your list, Mish."

The reason? Pretty simple. The whole 'bullying saga', which inevitably helped to seal Misha's fate, actually did her a BIG favour, for several reasons.

Firstly, what 'real' artist wants to win the X Factor anyway?

I've been watching X Factor since the very first series and as much as I love the show, to me that is exactly what it is - a show, and when the 'winner' is crowned and the curtain falls, it's back to the real world - and in the real world most of these acts just don't cut it.

But then why would they? Their introduction to the record-buying public has been essentially taking part in a high-budget televised karaoke fest and being drowned in stage production and outfits, which have nothing to do with who they want to be as artists - that's if they've even had time to think about that element.

And if they do win the show, this goes into overdrive, from Simon Cowell's team concocting the usual middle of the road drivel to pack into an 'album' of songs usually reserved for the in-store playlist at BHS, and being slotted into a image which just doesn't fit...Don't believe me?

I'm sure Steve Brookstein, Joe McElderry and Leon What's-his-face will back me up if you spot them out at the opening of an envelope somewhere. Even Alexandra Burke's debut didn't live up to the sassy Beyonce-lite vibe she showcased as a contestant on the show, instead it was more something Simon's ex-squeeze Sinitta might churn out if she was still releasing records.

Elsewhere, Leona Lewis may have sold well first time out, but these days she's hardly the name on everyone's lips, is she? A good voice she may have, but the authenticity and spark of an Amy Winehouse or Adele always tips the scales in the end. Are you getting the picture?

Now try imagining this: Misha B fitting into this way of doing things. As the only act on the show that showcased even an ounce of creative individuality with both her styling and her cleverly-crafted raps, this would have been more of a disaster than the bright idea to dye Amelia Lily's hair pink!

Secondly, everyone loves an underdog, don't they? Let's set the scene...Misha disappears for a few months in which time everyone has forgotten about her or written her off. This year's winner has already released that coma-inducing album I described earlier, which is now languishing at the bottom of the bargain bin at Tesco and they are now struggling to pay money for someone, anyone, to give a poop.

Misha, without the usual pressure placed on the winner's shoulders, having had time to gather her thoughts, figure out the direction she wants to go in and pick her own producers and collaborators, emerges like a phoenix rising, and takes her rightful place in the bosom of the credible pop world. I mean, it worked for Cher Lloyd, who also found it hard to connect with the public while on the show. Well, minus the credible part anyway.

Furthermore, valuable connections such as mentor Kelly Rowland (one of her biggest supporters) and super producer/rapper Missy Elliott interested in working with her (we all saw that tweet love fest between the two) won't hurt either. In addition, it's no coincidence that Hollywood director Tim Burton chose Misha out of all the contestants to voice a character in his next movie. He obviously saw a star quality he didn't in the others.

Thirdly, if Misha needs to draw inspiration from anywhere, she should cast her glittery eye-shadowed eyes over to the US, where on their version of the X Factor, another young act, 14 year-old rapper Astro, who could already be described as a true artist, writing his own quirky and thought-provoking rhymes (just like Misha), was rumored to have signed to Jay-Z's record label Roc Nation within moments of getting voted off the show. Even though young Astro is currently shooting down the authenticity of those reports, I'm sure any X Factor contestants UK or US would pack up their karaoke mic stand quicker than you can say "the act I am sending home..." for that kind of an opportunity.

So I guess what I am trying to say, is "Tulisa love, dry your fake tears. Our Mish is destined to be a bigger 'female boss' that you'll ever be". Minus the cheesy tattoo. Obvs.