01/09/2016 05:15 BST | Updated 26/08/2017 06:12 BST

Hairy Home? 6 Tips On How To Keep Pet Hair At Bay

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Every pet owner knows that pet hair can be the biggest nightmare when it comes to keeping a tidy home and no one knows this better than me. With a Newfoundland, a Labrador and two long-haired cats in the house, I've developed a routine which will help you battle unwanted pet hair around your home.

Groom your pet regularly

Yes, this might be an obvious solution, but be honest with yourself: how often do you skip regular grooming with a promise that "I will do it tomorrow"? Then tomorrow becomes the day after and so on and so on? Regular grooming, at least twice a week depending on the breed, will help you have a hair-free home.

Ensure your pet has a healthy diet

A good diet will help with excessive and unnatural shedding. Adding some supplements like omega 3 or coconut oil into your pet's diet will result in a strong and shiny coat which will reduce the amount of dead fur falling out.

Vacuum "hairy spots" daily

Invest in a lightweight handheld vacuum (at only 3kg the Bosch Athlet* is an ideal choice). This will allow you to clean hair hotspots around the house within minutes - the spots behind the kitchen door or in a corner by the skirting board in the front room. Getting rid of these hair collections on a daily basis can really make a difference.

Have a weekly spring clean

Spring cleaning isn't just for spring. Once a week give your home a thorough cleaning. Don't skip anything - vacuum under the bed, lift the sofa cushions up and don't forget the bottom of your freestanding fridge or freezer. Hair gets everywhere and you have to find it all. Owning a good quality pet vacuum cleaner will make your life easier.

Use the included vacuum attachments

For a very long time I've been using my vacuum only in the upright mode, one main brush, no mess no fuss. The attachments never came out to play but actually they can make a huge difference! No matter how great your vacuum is, you can't clean it all without the correct attachment, so use them. Certain pet-specific vacuums such as the Bosch Athlet come with a variety of tools, all designed to make the job easier.

Go shopping

No, you don't need a giant roll of cling film to wrap your cat in but you might need a few other items which will help you keep your home hair-free:

A rubber brush or broom - The perfect brush to use on carpets before vacuuming, its bristles will act like a magnet, creating static electricity to attract hair. If you can't find a rubber broom in a shop near you, buy some rubber gloves instead, they will do the job just as well.

A pet roller or packing tape - Have you ever gone out seemingly covered in hair? Well, this is where a pet roller or packing tape comes in. Keep it close to the front door or even in the car, so it's always handy for a quick fix.

Slip on/off furniture covers - Place slipcovers on beds, sofas or any other furniture your pets like to use as a regular snooze spot. Make sure they are machine washable and wash them at least every couple of weeks. Just don't forget to give them a good shake out before you pop them into your washing machine.

* Bosch PET Athlet was designed with pet-owners in mind. Its main features include:

  • Cordless with running time up to 75 minutes on one charge - no other cordless lasts longer.

  • Lightweight, only 3kg

  • SensorBagless Technology which monitors the system, this unique technology not only ensures outstanding level of cleaning performance - it also keeps maintenance to a minimum.

  • Can be used upright or handheld, depending on your need of the moment

  • Powerful on any type of surface with cleaning performance of a 2400 vacuum*

* Dust pick-up in comparison to a 2400W vacuum cleaner from Bosch (BGL32400GB) on carpet and hard floors with crevices. Tested according to EN 60312/2008 [with partly-filled receptacle].