An Open Letter to the Terrorist

As a Muslim let me remind you what God says, "replace evil with something better" and let me tell you that you, the terrorists are solely responsible and your ideas shall be challenged and you shall be defeated!

I would normally begin my address or letter by greeting people using the Islamic greeting of peace but since you have chosen to declare war on all of us it would be wrong of me to extend this sacred greeting to you.

After observing the carnage you have caused in Brussels, Paris, Turkey, Afghanistan, Pakistan and other countries across the globe no one is in any doubt that you are a bunch of cowards whose only expression is violence. You have not won the hearts and minds of anyone; rather you have become the enemy of humanity.

I write to you as a British European Imam expressing my disgust and dismay at what you are doing across Europe, the home of millions of Muslims, Christians, Jews, Hindus, Sikhs and people of other faiths and no faith.

Let me tell you unambiguously that there is no Islam in your actions, there is no God in your terrorism and your actions do not represent any Muslims from any background.

If you are doing this to go to heaven, I have bad news for you. You should know that you are nothing but murderers, and in Islam a person who kills innocent people will never even smell paradise, let alone enter it.

You have created a state of terror, directly contradicting Islam, which calls upon every true Muslim to live a peaceful life and spread peace at every minute of their existence. You have chosen to create fear through inhuman and barbaric attacks on innocent men, women and children. You are nothing but terrorists.

You claim to follow the words of God but in the Quran killing innocent people has been compared to taking the lives of the entire humanity. Causing trouble and civil strife has been termed as being worse than killing. You have chosen to both kill and cause strife. Which word of God do you follow? In fact you do not even care about the words of God.

You claim to love the blessed Prophet and follow him. He said, "Extremists are doomed", however, you propagate and practice extremism. The blessed prophet warned against extremism as a curse and advised all his followers to remain balanced. You do not love the Prophet and you do not follow him either. Which Prophet do you really follow? Please do not insult the blessed Prophet Muhammad by associating your heinous crimes with him. He was the Prophet of mercy and you are the agents of evil.

In Europe today thousands of Muslims have arrived as refugees escaping terrible persecution, dictatorship and subjugation. They have found peace, security and freedom here in Europe. In Muslim countries there are many Muslims but very little Islam, however, in Europe there may be smaller number of Muslims but a lot of Islam. That is why so many Muslims prefer to live here. Your terrorist activities are not going to change that.

Muslims in Europe have found their home and they have accepted the European people as their friends, neighbours and fellow citizens. If you hate Europe so much please do us all and yourself a big favour - instead of living in Europe, just hand back your European passports and leave. Go to a country where you will be happy. Stop killing innocent men, women and children around the world.

As a proud European Muslim, let me tell you one simple truth, the future of Europe and Islam are intertwined in an emerging shared and pluralistic narrative that we have worked very hard in creating. You are not part of this inclusive vision. Your terrorist ideals will be destroyed one day and you will be doomed in this world and certainly in the Hereafter.

My faith and the faith of billions of Muslims around the world are based on fairness, justice, kindness and compassion. However you have no religion and your extremist ideal are based on murder and mayhem. Your ways are Devils ways.

Islam has nothing to do with the mass murder, terror and brutalities that are happening around the world today. More Muslims have lost their lives at your hands, inspired by your extremists ideology. Your actions have destabilised nations and destroyed the prospect of peace in the world today. We are all united against evil of extremism and terrorism as well as dictatorship and despotism. I believe violence can never bring peace but it only breads more violence.

As a Muslim let me remind you what God says, "replace evil with something better" and let me tell you that you, the terrorists are solely responsible and your ideas shall be challenged and you shall be defeated!


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