02/06/2013 16:28 BST | Updated 31/07/2013 06:12 BST

Time for an Honest Conversation

The Muslim community has been blamed for most of the terrorist activities in the world today, yet the statistics do not add up. I have seen an estimate that over the last 10 years, non-Muslims have been responsible for more than 90% of all terrorist activities in the USA and more than 97% in Europe. For example, the recent shootings at a School in Newtown, Connecticut in the USA, and Breivik's shootings in Norway. Lee Rigby's death was indeed tragic and barbaric, but it sometimes seems that the entire Muslim community is being held in contempt due to the actions of a tiny minority.

The question we need to ask ourselves is who is really responsible for the misery caused by terrorists in the world in general and the UK to be more specific? Does blaming and condemning a handful of twisted bigots solve the problem?

I would like to start this honest conversation by first examining those who propagate hate and support terrorism in the world today. In the UK Anjem Choudary's face has become the most synonymous with hate-preaching lately. He openly supports the activities of the terrorists and gets the maximum airtime in the media. He has been directly associated with a number of people who have either carried out or planned to carry out terrorist attacks in the UK and abroad. Yet he remains free, never prosecuted or even arrested. Why so?

You do not have to search very far to know that Anjem Choudary does not have a job, receives state benefits to support his family, and spends his time spouting all sorts of rubbish including his hatred for this country, his desire to take money from the non-Muslims, his declaration of global Jihad against everyone, and his glorification of violence and death. Why is Anjem Choudary still freely walking our streets?

Omar Bakri, his teacher and guide who lives in Lebanon now, spent years causing the same kind of trouble when he was here. I still remember his hate-filled fire-and-brimstone lectures in universities and colleges. He was openly calling for the death and destruction of the infidels (all non-Muslims in his view), for Jihad against UK and US governments, and praising the 9/11 bombers. Yet he was never arrested or prosecuted! Why was the teacher of many of the terrorists left loose on the streets of UK to preach further hatred and train more terrorists?

The common denominator between most Muslim terrorists who have been arrested and put behind bars is their link and association with Omar Bakri and his erstwhile organization, Al-Muhajiroun. This organization was banned, but it has developed a technique of morphing into other forms without falling prey to the judicial process. No matter what the organizations are called, the people behind them are the same. It is astonishing that from the Tel Aviv bombers to the Woolwich murderers, they all knew, met or learned from Omar Bakri, Anjem Choudary and their associates. Why has our government failed to seek the extradition of British citizen Omar Bakri from Lebanon and put him on trial? Are these terrorists' mentors immune from prosecution?

I believe any reasonable person would draw from some of the credible evidences from documents in the public domain that Omar Bakri, Anjem Choudary and many of their friends may be working for MI5 and MI6. They have been supplying information and in return have been left to roam free without prosecution. This is the elephant in the room that no one talks about! Why else would our government turning a blind eye to these hate preachers?

The Muslim community is feeling stuck between rock and a hard place - they are being held hostage by the extremists on one side and by the British security apparatus on the other. They cannot take the law into their own hands, they cannot detain or prosecute the extremists, and, most importantly, they do not have access to the list of suspected terrorists. However, the security services do know who they are, and they have the power to arrest them and protect the British people.

Why is this not being done?