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Me, My Skin and Melvita | A Review

In just a year I've converted from being unbothered and uneducated where Skincare is concerned to becoming a highly curious, knowledge seeking and experimental Skincare junkie.

In just a year I've converted from being unbothered and uneducated where Skincare is concerned to becoming a highly curious, knowledge seeking and experimental Skincare junkie. The organic Skincare brand Melvita has been the gentle current in tiding me along in my journey to healthier skin.

Organic and ecological beauty products are a plenty, and though Melvita encompasses both these characters, it is more than just another natural and green brand; Melvita was born in nature and keeps the environment close to its heart. At the root of the brand is the mighty honey bee, an insect crucial to the role of pollination of around 90 commercial crops, around the world. Bernard Chevilliat, founder of Melvita says:

As a biologist and beekeeper I was fascinated by traditional wisdom and knowledge about nature and beauty. I founded MELVITA in 1983, with reference to life and honey, that extraordinary product of flowers that sits at the confluence between the plant and the animal worlds.

Faced with the combined assaults of industrial chemistry and parasites, the world of bees was already, in my eyes, a reminder of the wider world's increasing fragility, because a world without bees would be a world without flowers, fruit, beauty... This was why, from the outset, I wanted to place "nature at heart" in all that we do: in our approach to beauty and skincare and of our ecological and humanistic concerns.

MELVITA is a pioneer in organic beauty and has grown to become one of France's leading brands of natural and organic cosmetics. Resolutely organic. Because we are convinced that an organic commitment is one of the keys to the future of the planet.

Born from a passion for bees and the environment, Melvita remains loyal to these tiny custodians of nature and continues to keep and maintain beehives, as well as educating the public about the importance of bees, pollination and the multitude of healing properties contained within honey. Melvita's Covent Garden store even has its own rooftop beehives, a practice which is much needed in inner city and urban areas.

I could write a thesis(maybe a slight exaggeration) on bees, honey, health and the environment, but that would make the title of this article misleading, non? So let me present to you, my review of Melvita's skincare products.

After experiencing their mini facial and seduction by macaroons, I decided to give Melvita a considered try. Having slightly sensitive skin and being a huge fan of roses, I was recommended a couple of products from the brand new rose range; the 3in1 rose Fresh micellar water (200ml at £14) for face and eyes and the Moisturising Rose Nectar face cream (40ml at £24). Containing rose floral water, extract of fresh roses and extract of wild rose petals, the application of both is akin to an explosion of blooming roses delicately embracing your skin.

The Fresh micellar water works as a cleanser and a toner. I have been very content with this product - it smells divine, feels amazing(leave it in the fridge during the rare summer days and use it to give your face a cool, refreshing facial) and doesn't make my skin feel tight like so many toners do. It's gentle on the eyes and a reliable make-up remover. It's a keeper.

The Moisturising Rose Nectar is a smooth and comfortable moisturiser which promises to keep your skin perfectly moisturised throughout the day. It did well in keeping my skin hydrated, but with my skin being irritatingly imbalanced (lots of dry patches and random oily patches), the cream didn't quite work for, leaving my skin feeling a little greasy in places. I confided this to the experts at Melvita who advised me to try their Hydrastim Moisturising Gel (50ml at £24) instead. I've been using the gel now for about a month and have used it in a variety of climates during my travels and it's been amazing! I love it. It's light, easily applicable, quickly absorbed, smells lovely and keeps my skin moisturised without irritating it. What's more, I've found I need only use a tiny amount, so I expect it to last a few months. A sound investment, methinks.

I've also had the pleasure of using the Melvita's Ultra-nourishing Balm, with 3 honeys, royal jelly and cocoa butter - a gift to dry skin and a treat for your senses. Though, if you use it daily and like me you have very dry skin, it probably won't last for more than a month or two and at £22 (150ml) it's not an easy purchase.

My Melvita Wishlist - What I want to try next

Melvita products are available to purchase online as well as in-store - you'll find your local store here. I would recommend their Covent Garden store - it's like walking into a cloud of serenity, seriously. Try their rejuvenating and very tasty lemon honey and fresh ginger tea while you're there!