06/01/2016 09:31 GMT | Updated 05/01/2017 05:12 GMT

"Seeing a Pregnant Woman Is Instantaneously Repulsive to Me..."

I woke up the other day to read this comment left on my blog:


"Disgusting. I will never understand why you people insist we think and feel the way you do. Seeing a pregnant woman is instantaneously repulsive to me; more so when the shebeast is bikini clad. I bet your own wife looks great pregnant with your child. The rest of us would just like some damned decorum and respect."

It was in response to a post called, Should you wear a bikini when your pregnant? I'd written about when my wife and I went swimming when she was 39 weeks pregnant and wore a bikini. You can read the full post here.

My stance back then was one of confusion at why anyone would have a problem with it, especially when there is so much nudity in today's society but also, especially as pregnancy is such a natural and truly incredible phenomena.

Nearly 18 months on, this person must have stumbled across that article and was compelled enough to write such a comment.

On a personal level, that's my wife he's calling a 'shebeast.' He tries to back track a little, but the damage and offence has already been caused. It's a good job I have thick skin and am able to laugh at such trolling, but that is still no excuse for being so rude about a pregnant women.

In fact, neither my wife nor I, took offence and actually my wife loved being pregnant so much she'd like to be pregnant 24/7 and no-one could spoil that for her.

In a wider context, this kind of comment is offensive to pregnant women everywhere. We shared this comment with our following on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter and the response was overwhelming. People were shocked by it and got in touch with their come backs and support. The post now has plenty of comments from people responding.

It seems as though in 18 months, nothing much has changed. Back then, as I said in my original post, Tori Spelling had a rough time of it, and now, the same people are still voicing their awful viewpoints out loud.

Pregnancy should be celebrated and not hidden. It's a natural part of life and pregnant women should be proud of their bumps just like my wife was of hers.

Well, that's just my opinion, what do you think?