Can Pink Save The Summer?

04/08/2017 11:33 BST | Updated 04/08/2017 11:33 BST
Benoit Tessier / Reuters

It has now been a decade since Rihanna held a 10 week reign at the top of the summer charts with her anthem 'Umbrella' whilst coincidentally Britain suffered under a relentless storm cloud and persistent rain. These two events have since become mythically connected in our collective psyche. Back in present times, if you hadn't noticed, persistent radio botherers The Script are currently enjoying a return to radio across the country with their new melodic offering called 'Rain'.

Fortunately The Script's latest musical incarnation of precipitation is yet to replicate the same chart success as 'Umbrella', however, it seems that the music and weather gods are once again in cahoots, and since 'Rain' has begun to bombard radios everywhere the summer has gone down the pan. I've even heard Ken Bruce make the connection and place the blame at the foot of Danny and his musical pals.

All this has me harking back mere weeks to when 'Despacito' first came into our lives with its exotic lyrics, filling us with the promise of a summer of Latino heat and countless attempts to learn the words. The wonderful world of music now deems it necessary to provide us with what is essentially 'Despacito Part 2' courtesy of Enrique and Sean Paul. Current X Factor Champ Matt Terry filling the role of Bieber by lending 'Subeme La Radio' with enough of an English injection to justify its appearance on radio playlists.

With just a few weeks of August left there is a strong possibility we are about to receive a musical gift from a bone fide interesting Popstar who's set to unleash a song that could save the summer. Pink is making her long awaited (proper) comeback with 'What About Us'. If this single delivers a big sound, classic Pink humour and her signature vocals then this summer could indeed have some hope of redemption.

The last time Pink kicked off a new album campaign proper was back in 2012 (frightening) with the epic, tongue in cheek anthem 'Blow Me (One Last Kiss)'. The years since 'The Truth About Love' have delivered fans with sparodic fixes of Pink talent including 'Alice Through The Looking Glass' promotional single 'Just Like Fire' and the Stargate vehicle 'Waterfall' with fellow power warbler Sia.

For the lady herself, the last year has seen her family grow with her little boy Jameson being born in December. Pink has been back on the road for a number of US Festivals this year and will be headlining this year's V Festival in the UK. All this bodes well for her return to the radio, new album and hopefully some potential touring action. She's in a league of her own as a live performer and, who knows, there's still a 2018 Superbowl Half Time Show hole that needs filling.