31/05/2013 13:17 BST | Updated 31/07/2013 06:12 BST

Sunrise: Another World


The clue is in the name... we intend to be another world. Our aim is to create a different way of living together on this planet. High and mighty ambitions indeed you might say, people have been trying this for as long as people have been people. However, we have no ambitions to create a 'New World' for the entire planet, just a new world for our citizens.

What citizens you may ask? Well, we are creating our own Micronation. As we all probably don't know, there are hundreds of Micronations around the world. Some have been around for decades and are now recognised as legal entities. We don't really want to take things that far, certainly not right now, because at heart we are a festival. And as a festival our primary objective is to build an awesomely brilliant experience for the people who buy our tickets.

We have come up with some great ideas to try and combine the two concepts; brilliant festival and collective independent nation. The mainstay of the integration of these two ideas is the Sunrise Passport.

The good news is that all who make the journey to Sunrise: Another World automatically become citizens of the Sunrise Micronation. On arrival you will receive your visa, and then upon completion of various goodwill citizenship duties while at the festival you will earn stamps which go towards achieving your Sunrise Passport.

Sunrise Micronation passports, once awarded to you, not only entitle you to the many benefits of being a founding citizen, but also give you a range of discounts including very specially priced tickets to future festivals and other events.

More importantly perhaps, it gets you a seat at the Sunrise Moot. The Moot is an ancient concept where issues are thrashed out amongst the community affected by them. In our online and physical Moot meetings over the year, Micronational Policy will be developed, decisions made and problems solved. Being part of the Micronation will be a year-round opportunity as we really want input from our citizens on everything to do with our development as the first Sustainability Superpower. Everything, from which bands to book on the Main Stage, to developing our Micronational stance on nuclear power. All democratically debated in the Moot.

We hope that creating this opportunity for debate and involvement will give birth to our independent Sustainable Superpower and give us the chance to develop a community-driven consensus of what communities could, and should be. Do you feel that a society driven by the pursuit of profit (and profit channelled to a tiny minority at that) is unfair, unsustainable and ultimately hasn't worked very well so far? If so, Another World will be full of like-minded individuals and provide opportunity to discuss an alternative.

Where we differ from the majority of organisations who don't like the status quo, is the belief that as a group we don't currently have an alternative. BUT we believe that our citizens collectively will. And ultimately that is what we are trying to create - an environment where we can promote the construction of one nation created by the people for the people.