18/12/2012 09:48 GMT | Updated 16/02/2013 05:12 GMT

Update From the South of Australia

I'm currently in fourth place as I sail past the south of Australia. I've slowed down slightly today as the wind is light this morning and will continue to get lighter as I sail into what is left of the ex cyclone Claudia and line up for the next system which will arrive quickly. The route back to the south looks good, and although it's a bit complicated with a few manoeuvres, the weather models agree and that gives me some confidence.

The lighter conditions have given me another chance to cast an eye over the boat and try to find any potential problems. I'm happy to report that there does not seem to be any, which is a huge relief.

Currently I am on starboard but will go back onto port in a few hours, eventually I will be back on starboard for a few days. I have hardly spent any time on starboard in the whole race and I will be happy as that is the side that my hydro is working and I could do with saving some fuel. Starboard will mean a drop in temperature but I guess I am due that after having had a fairly warm Indian Ocean crossing.

Bernard Stamm, who's sailing Cheminees Poujoulat, is just behind me in fifth position. It's good for me to have another boat close by, it would feel a bit lonely up here on my own! Having another boat nearby also helps to match speeds, although Bernard's boat is a little faster than mine it gives me a good benchmark to try and achieve.

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