20/07/2016 09:09 BST | Updated 20/07/2017 06:12 BST

5 Men's Makeup Products That Changed The Face Of Men's Grooming

It's official, we're now in 2016 and men's makeup is actually a thing. With male beauty Vlogger Jake-Jamie Ward rising to internet fame with his collection of online cosmetic tutorials, created especially for men and British based MMUK MAN raking in a huge £1m a year in sales, thousands of men out there are now learning how to Blend it like Golden Balls himself. Inspired by Mr. Beckham and other Hollywood A-Listers alike, who continue to gravitate towards the pure cosmetic force field that is make-up for men, it appears as though it won't be too long before a bronzer or foundation become staple products in every modern man's grooming regime.

From concealers to correctors, and tinted moisturisers to mascaras, the male beauty world has enjoyed a huge influx of some quite eye-opening products in recent years. But, where did it all begin and what products still stand strong today that are responsible for causing such a seismic shift in the tectonic plates of men's beauty and personal care?

1. Taxi Man Guyliner

In 2008, Superdrug released one of Britain's first mainstream male specific range of cosmetic products, in the form of their Taxi Man collection. Dubbed 'the perfect metrosexual makeup just for men,' this low cost brand consisted of a mascara, guy-liner and concealer stick and really set tongues wagging within the beauty industry as the early days of a very real demand for men's cosmetics began. Unfortunately, in 2011 the brand was discontinued and is now only available at an online grooming outfit. Despite a relatively short stint on the shelves of Superdrug, it certainly wasn't the end of makeup for men, as we will go on to find out.

2. Recipe For Men Energizing Bronze Cream

With men throughout the late noughties beginning to realize the game changing power of colour cosmetics, 2010 saw the birth of Recipe For Men's Energizing Bronze Cream - a natural look tinted moisturizer for men that promised a whole host of skin care benefits, including creating a healthy holiday look. The product, to this day, remains well up there with the best bronzing products for men on the market and despite increased competition, outclasses most other in its category. Remaining a firm favorite amongst Britain's growingly grooming obsessed modern men, expect this product to remain amongst their wash bags elite for many years to come.

3. MMUK MAN Concealer Stick

Rarely has the explosion in popularity of men's makeup been encapsulated than with MMUK MAN's unparalleled collection of makeup products. Launched fully in 2012, MMUK MAN now boast a collection of over 60 male specific cosmetic products, a sure fire sign of how more and more men are fine tuning their grooming needs. However, one product really stands out from most. The MMUK MAN concealer stick has been raved about just as much as it has been waved about, under the noses of men all accords the UK since its launch, through various online and magazine campaigns. And guess what? They're biting! Sales are soaring for MMUK MAN and with their concealer stick promising an instant fix to all manner of day to day blemishes and complexion concerns, this Brighton based firm continue to surge up the male grooming charts.

4. MYEGO Matifiant Anti Shine Powder

Magnificently matte, MYEGO's Anti Shine Powder was one of their core breakthrough products in the early teens, as oily complexions and shiny surfaces simply had to take a hike. MYEGO, formulated with completely organic ingredients, also boasts the hugely popular Fonteint Hydrating Enhancer and Eyeliner Kohl Pencil, but it's this product in particular that thousands of men are adding to their bathroom arsenal. Reasonably priced, well-constructed and obviously designed for men, no longer is it acceptable to simply settle for your girlfriends face powder and MYEGO certainly make that clear.

5. YSL Touché Éclat L'Homme Concealer Pen

Moving swiftly back to the birth of men's makeup in 2008, Yves Saint Laurent re-branded their Iconic Touché Éclat Concealer Pen for men in a somewhat sleeker and sexier silver. Initial sales were very encouraging , but as it did not reach the heights of the equivalent female version, the product was ultimately dropped from their line and is now no longer available. Similarly to Taxi Man's Guy-Liner, would a re-launch in today's selfie obsessed culture mean massive things for this supreme under eye concealer, that banished bags and dark circles for men over a five year period?

With male makeup firmly on the rise, it's important to remember where the journey began, with an incredible 40% of men set to try enhancing cosmetic products in 2016 according to MMUK MAN's recent findings.