03/10/2016 10:16 BST | Updated 01/10/2017 06:12 BST

Seven Of The Best Barbers and Male Grooming Services

Looking great unfortunately comes at a cost. Whether you're pounding away on the treadmill for hours each week, or pumping the weights, feeling on top form doesn't come easy gentlemen. On top of keeping your body in great shape, it's also crucial to maintain a good men's grooming routine and to help you do this, you'll need a little help from the experts along the way.

Firstly, you'll need to call upon the help of a well experienced barber, or as we like to call them 'hair magician'. A top quality barber really is a man's best friend and going for a little trim, wet shave or complete facial every couple of weeks, might just prove to be your best ever move. You're also going to need a good skin and hair care supplier, one that's reliable, quick and easy. The last thing you need when you're trying to get on with your grooming game is to be waiting for the postman every morning, to see if your preferred moisturiser, pomade or eye gel is ever going to arrive. Finally, you don't want to be caught out in the cold when it comes to maintaining a tan or a respectful density of body hair, therefore, it's important to be aware of places and shops around you that can offer these specialist services, shall we say?

Here are some absolute heavy hitters in the world of men's personal care and grooming, highly reputable institutions geared to letting put your best face forward.

Ted's Grooming Room London

An edgy branch to the iconic Ted Baker brand, Ted's Grooming Room boasts four locations across the capital, including a luxuriously styled salon in Mayfair, drawing inspiration from the Ottoman Empire in its décor. All the staff are expertly trained In delivering the most superior Turkish shave, which includes burning away ear-hair with fire, deep muscle massages and steaming the skin with hot towels. Whilst the fiery approach might sound daunting, there is something surprisingly relaxing about being doused with tendrils of flames. The beauty, excuse the pun, is that you can pop in any time to any of their branches, with no appointment needed and have a beer whilst you wait, perfect if you're searching for a spontaneous post work pick me up.

MaleSkin Skincare and Grooming

Of the many men's grooming shops out there at the moment, few do it better than Boasting some of the industry's highest rated men's skin care brands amongst their collection, including Jack Black, Clinique Skin Supplies For Men and MMUK MAN, these guys certainly know the importance of good quality grooming. Quick and efficient, if you're in need of topping up on those bathroom essentials, do so with complete ease, with their range of face care, shaving and cosmetic products. MaleSkin also have a quaint shop nestled in the lanes of Brighton, offering free skin type evaluations and consultations, to Britain's devoted enthusiasts.

Peter Joannou Brighton

Sticking down south for a few more moments, it's Brighton's very own singing barber Peter Joannou. If he's not singing the delights of Dean Martin from his upstairs window, he's helping men look their very best downstairs, with his carefully assembled team's collection of facial, manicure and traditional shaving skills. 'The Complete Service' features a variety of facial techniques, including exfoliation and steaming, to completely rid the skin of any impurities and harmful debris, revealing a revitalized and confidence surging complexion. Peter Joannou Brighton provides a safe haven to men in need of ultimate restoration and with their expert capabilities in wet shaving thrown in, getting back your mojo has never been so easy. Costing around the £30 mark for a shave and hair trim, within a few minutes, you'll be instantly hooked, as the modern and elegant twists of the salon combine to begin your resurgence.

Murdock London

Back to the Capital and it's another fabulously traditional barbers, who guarantee to funk up your facial forest with their very specific set of skills. Whilst these bad boys of modern day grooming won't leave you charging across rooftops in Istanbul, they will leave you looking cut from red carpet royalty with their range of traditional shaving services and own branded beard booty, that includes a beard wash, moisturiser and oil, providing the perfect treat to yourself for a little at home upkeep.

Boudoir Beauty Parlour Shoreditch

You should never underestimate the importance of maintaining a healthy amount of body hair gentlemen. If things begin to get out of control, get yourself over to Shoreditch and visit the lovely guys at the Boudoir Beauty Parlour. Amongst their extensive list of treatments especially for men, is full body waxing, cutting unruly back and body hair well and truly down to size. Perhaps you're not getting many swipes right because of a monstrous mono-brow? They'll take care of that too, as well as giving you six pack abs with their excellent spray tanning services.

James Harknett Spray Tanning

The man you're going to need on speed dial if maintaining an all year round natural looking tan is high on your agenda, it's James Harknett, who boasts an A-List celebrity client list, including Harry Styles. Operating out of the W Hotel (Leicester Square), James's services include three types of spray tanning, The Gent, The Squire and The Lad, each designed to give a unique look and feel to a man's spray tan, that will certainly leave you turning heads for all the right reasons.

The Refinery

Situated in Mayfair, with a second salon in Harrods, The Refinery offers a tranquil escape to modern men who well and truly have their grooming head screwed on. The Refinery is far more than just a barbers and instead offers a complete range of full spa treatments for men. If you're looking for something just that little bit extra special, request Parsa Rad, the true beard artist who has won countless awards within the men's grooming community, including Britain's best wet shaver. The shop itself is modern and spacious, with that traditional barber shop elegance thrown in too. From the high ceilings to the light reflecting walls, it's not just your face, but your inner soul too, that will benefit from a little premium cleansing.

Give yourself a few grooming get out of jail free cards with these specialists gents and you'll never look back.