Five Men's Makeup Vloggers You Should Subscribe To

From tutorials on how to make makeup for men look natural and how to master the art of contouring, right through to applying guyliner, concealer and even mascara, these Vloggers cover all bases in helping men achieve their desired look with complete ease.

With men's growing interest in makeup and cosmetic products, the YouTube community has seen a massive rise in the number of men regularly Vlogging about the topic in hand. Just this week, Covergirl announced that YouTube sensation James Charles would be the brand's first 'Coverboy', fueling further demand for these shining pawns, within a growingly complex game of male cosmetic chess.

From tutorials on how to make makeup for men look natural and how to master the art of contouring, right through to applying guyliner, concealer and even mascara, these Vloggers cover all bases in helping men achieve their desired look with complete ease. Whilst some guys like to flaunt the power of makeup in their videos, others go for the more subtle approach, in ensuring every day men look flawless, with the most natural of 'no makeup' looks.

Delighted to announce the top five male beauty vloggers of 2016 at their annual awards in London this week, MMUK MAN, Britain's leading online retailer of men's cosmetics caused a stir, by throwing in one or two gentlemen who you simply cannot afford to miss. Whether you are new to the world of men's makeup, well-rehearsed and experienced in its power, or maybe even a makeup artist looking for some more tricks of the trade? Their top five countdown guarantees to up your grooming game, by sharing the abilities and expertise of each guy, well deserved of his place in the UK's undisputed top five.

Jake Jamie Ward

This vlogger was recently featured in MMUK MAN's New Day, The Mirror and Daily Mail articles and shot to YouTube fame through being an everyday bloke who wears makeup to enhance his complexion. Jake Jamie Ward created the hugely popular #makeupisgenderless Instagram campaign, which encourages regular guys to crack the art of male cosmetics, in the most natural and discreet of ways and post their photos of success online. Jake prides his work and videos on creating discreet 'no makeup' makeup looks and with each video getting tens of thousands of views every week, he's certainly a man whose talents you'll want to add to your very own bathroom armory. Jake Jamie Ward is quite simply a sensation and recently featured in an online article where he transformed the look of five gentlemen, who were previously battling confidence crippling skin problems. If you're a guy struggling with skin issues such as spots, blemishes and redness, some of these transformations will truly captivate!

Gary Thompson - The Plastic Boy

Featuring last month in L'Oréal's new True Match Foundation Campaign, Gary Thompson stood alongside the likes of Cheryl to prove that makeup is no longer exclusive to women. He's been pictured on billboards, in their latest TV commercial and even in high street shops, as one of the 20 famous faces that openly endorse the brand. Gary's success has been built from his hugely popular 'The Plastic Boy' YouTube channel, where he regularly uploads tutorials on how men should correctly wear makeup. Gary's reviews and ratings are in depth, insightful and completely honest, which has resulted in him getting a following of over 15,000 people on Instagram alone.

Wayne Goss

Wayne Goss is undoubtedly the most popular and followed makeup for men artist on YouTube. Mix 15 years of experience from within the industry, with a mountain of cosmetically hungry subscribers and you sip and elite and explosive cocktail of cosmetic class. Aside from his own line of male makeup brushes, Wayne also teaches viewers on how to contour like a pro and most importantly, how to make it look natural! He mixes up his models nicely too, sometimes showing off his vast skills on female models, for his followers, keen to get in on the men's grooming act.

Looking For Lewys

A young guy with a huge following already, Looking For Lewys is sure to be a big YouTube hit of the future. With his extensive reviews and love for Urban Decay, he's amassed a huge following across the social network of young gentlemen, keen to improve their appearance. Lewy's passion for fashion and makeup of course inspire his killer tutorials, which include the hugely popular guide to men mastering brow pencils, gels and tints. Lewys has a fresh and vibrant outlook on life and his viewers can't help but see a reflection of male grooming success with each and every watch.

Jonathan Curtis

Young, hugely talented and inspiring thousands of young guys to wear makeup, Jonathan Curtis is far more than just a cool and classy individual. He's a die-hard YouTuber, makeup professional and social media phenomenon, who creates first class videos that leave guys well and truly hooked. Sometimes breaking the boundaries of discretion, this Vlogger went viral in 2016 and with his obvious love for all things beauty, will only help increase the speed of the cosmetic train, breaking its way into thousands of men's bathrooms across the UK. Like our other four guys, Jonathan's world revolves around cosmetics and boy, does it show!

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