The Ultimate Men's Grooming Makeover

24/01/2017 16:19 GMT | Updated 25/01/2018 10:12 GMT

The men's grooming revolution is something which has enjoyed quite a lot of air time over the past couple of years, with more men than ever before becoming a dab hand in the world of concealer, cutting it like David Beckham himself in the skin care stakes, or creating true beard envy with a perfectly formed facial forest. If however, you're a guy who feels as though he's missed the last train ride to modern 'man-ville', let me tell you that the skin care circus is still in town and gentlemen, it's well worth sticking around for.

The not so ugly truth is that more men than ever before are learning how to tighten up their grooming game, whilst loosening the purse strings in the process, with the average UK man expected to spend £60-65 a month on keeping up his appearance in 2017. Whether it's blending it like Beckham in the cosmetic stakes, or focusing on anti-ageing products to restore a bit of order in the bathroom, this spending figure is sure to further explode, as men further fine tune their needs.

Whilst the men's skin care market becomes ever more saturated with half-hearted brands, keen to make a quick buck, there still remains a treasure chest of true stalwarts, that well and truly deserve their place amongst the industry's elite. If you're a guy trying to get a grooming grip, or simply wish to enhance your current complexion's performance, there are certainly a few golden rules you should follow, as you develop a very particular set of skills, in the bathroom at least!

Like some men, you may feel emasculated by the intensity of your new grooming routine, but with the results of a few strategic points in the right direction , yielding triumphant success, it won't be long until you're cutting it with the best and feeling in tip top shape. So grab a beer, not a protein shake and come with me...

Visit a Men's Grooming Salon

One of the keys to confidence boosting results and unbelievable progression in the bathroom and beyond, is simple and effective skin and hair maintenance. Maintain your brand new grooming standards by scheduling a visit to your local male orientated salon, no longer than every fortnight. Men's salons, such as Peter Joannou Male Grooming Brighton and Ted's Grooming Room London, provide a tranquil setting for men in need of ultimate restoration and there are plenty of places alike dotted around the UK. Helping to maintain a clean cut hairstyle, tidy facial hair and good looking brows are just some of the advantages of taking out a little insurance policy at the hands of these grooming gods. Men's facials are something that are also well worth adding to your agenda, as you fight for a younger and healthier looking complexion, on a day to day basis and salons such as these come well equipped.

Don't be Afraid to Fake Bake

In fear of looking like an extra out of TOWIE, even the most modern man airs on the side of caution when it comes to fake tanning. However, there has been a huge rise in the number of gents seeking out professional tanning services, in a bid to look fresh off the beach bronzed. If you have an event coming up, a big night out on the town, an interview, or even a date, calling upon the power of a tanning professional will leave you looking healthy, toned and naturally sculpted.

Invest in a Good Quality Daily Moisturiser

One product that every gentleman's wash bag or bathroom cabinet should contain is a high quality men's daily moisturiser. Leaving the skin soft, supple and well nourished, the benefits of twice daily moisturising will be one of your biggest confidence boosters on a day to day basis. For younger guys, Jack Black's Double Duty Moisturiser is a frontrunner in this men's skin care category and for the mature man MMUK MAN's Anti-Ageing Moisturiser guarantees to tackle fine lines and wrinkles, whilst super-charging your skin's recovery and rolling back the years.

Never Neglect the Forest

A price can never be put on simple and effective beard care. It's important to learn your way around what beard products out there work for you, with beard Wash, conditioner and oil, all proving very popular for men trying to master the perfect facial masterpiece. One product in particular that has won several accolades, including GQ's Beard Product Of The Year for 2016 is Billy Jealousy's Beard Envy Kit, which contains three superior male grooming products to help it look its best.

Conceal and Reveal

A little touch up goes a long way and this is never more true than with concealer for men. These versatile little wingmen cover up a wide variety of common men's facial imperfections, including spots, blemishes, acne scaring and wrinkles. If you find yourself constantly battling with these confidence crippling blighters, then investing in a good quality male concealer may just prove to be your best ever move. Conceal and reveal a flawless complexion with the assistance of one of these and with it, bring your other positive grooming steps together, in one almighty makeover!

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