28/09/2017 09:27 BST | Updated 15/11/2017 04:16 GMT

Wonderful, Wonderful Copenhagen With FamilyPROMOTED BY BRITISH AIRWAYS


Making time to spend together as a family has become a priority for us.

We've had an interesting few years, with work commitments taking my husband away from the family during the week, which meant that weekends became even more special to us. However, life has to go on as 'normal' which meant, as with many families; weekend sports clubs, art clubs and pre-teen socialising takes priority, to the detriment of 'family time'.

This year however, we have decided to be a little more organised with our long weekends - and have MADE time to leave London, (and paused all the weekend clubs!) and jump on a plane to mainland Europe - to places we've never been before.

Denmark was first on this list - and a quick two-hour flight to Copenhagen with the boys, travelling light, backpacks only, (for speed at the airport) and we were away!

Arriving at Copenhagen airport, we purchased tickets for public transport from a machine (and oh my goodness, the most helpful staff there to guide us through our ticket purchase) - and jumped on a train into town.

We made our way by bus, to our accommodation, and leaving the bulk of our weekend's backpack content behind - set off to explore. We hired four bicycles and, wrapping up warm, cycled around Copenhagen on our most amazing adventure.

As our boys are getting a little older now, weekends away and holidays in general, have really changed. We have found that we've had to compromise on what we do, and where we go - so for example, the boys really enjoyed being big enough to cycle on the (very safe and very wide and very flat) roads - And although Paul and I totally LOVED the Danish Museum of Art and Design, the boys really couldn't wait to get back on their bicycles.

The weekends we spend with the boys have got to be about them too - and a great deal of that seems to revolve around EATING!

We discovered Torvehallerne - which is Copenhagen's exclusive covered market with the most amazing food and drink stands, let's just say, we'll struggle to find joy in a Danish pastry here in London now that we've tasted the delights of Laura's bakery!

Having spent some time (ticking the Instagram box) at the obligatory colourful buildings at Nyhavn, the 17th Century canal waterfront, we took a trip for lunch, cycling over the impressive walkways, over to nearby Paper Island at the Copenhagen Harbour - buildings brimming full of creativity from art to street food. Previously these industrial buildings were home to paper storage for the Danish Press, hence the name.

Apart from food and cycling, for the boys it seems, graffiti - and capturing the BEST graffiti on camera, was their weekend challenge. The most photogenic of these for them was located in Christiana. The former military barracks, covering 84 acres this 'self-governing free town' was founded in 1971 by squatters and artists as a "social experiment". Christiana was also home to our favourite eating spot of the weekend (certainly for the grown-ups) - Morgenstedet - a cooperative vegetarian food café. Paul and I sat cosy inside whilst the kids played in the garden.

And I think that's how it works with teens (and pre-teens). We've found that holidays are all about compromise - finding places to visit that work for all the family - and making memories. That's what makes your holidays unforgettable - (that and Instagram!)

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