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It's the End of the World as We Know It... A Guide to 21 December 2012 for Mere Mortals...

I say we make December 21st our time to get real, get fabulous and start changing things for the better, get soulful, get spiritualized, one thought at a time.

Being of a spiritual persuasion I can't let the famed 21 Dec 2012 pass by without mention. This date, for those who don't know, is the end of The Mayan Calender, and therefore, presumed by some to be the end of the world. How very dramatic.

Anyone who predicts the end of the world has, previously been wrong. Indeed the poor fella who announced The Rapture (twice so far I think) was made quite rightly to look a little foolish. So I won't go there... But what I will say is this. I hope it is the end of the world... The end of the world as we know it. Thanks REM.

Diddling around in spiritual circles I note there is much talk of ascension, consciousness raising, portals opening up, chaos followed by peace, harmony and sixth sense style majesty.

This information occasionally appears otherworldly in its delivery, science fiction like in its promises. So for the mere mortals amongst us, I'm going to venture a guess at what exactly 21 December 2012 will look like, and, more importantly, what it could mean for us.

Here goes... When you wake on 21 December 2012 everything you ever knew will be replaced by a neon, cosmic, cartoon-like perception, your pet dog will have ascended, folks will be floating, and you will no longer have the constraints of a human body to tether you, there will be angels in your back yard knocking you up for a cup of tea.

Only jesting loves... When you wake on December 21st I predict, and I think I'm fairly accurate on this, absolutely diddly squat will have occurred. You will feel utterly yourself. There will be no portals opening in your kitchen, and your cat will be as hungry and uppity as ever.

This is not to say I don't believe. Because I do. I believe that the world cannot possibly go on the way it currently is. I believe something has got to give. And I believe that 21 December 2012 is as good a time as any for some real, heartfelt, spiritual change to kick in. I don't mean the type of spirituality you get in the church, or the temple. I mean the type that sneaks up on you in the night and occurs from the very bowels of your own life, from your own thinking.

The world has become a violent and chaotic place over the past millennia. It probably always was a little this way inclined. And despite our money, technology and education it remains, at times, a virulently awful place. The people on it have much to answer for in this regard. We have become wiser and yet more stupid concurrently. We stink as a species. Though many, many of our kind are quite beautiful, quite astounding. And that's the crux of it all. We could be fabulous, but the power seekers amongst us, the 'illuminati' as they may be known, the ones in charge, the ones with the guns and bombs, lead us astray.

Plus the ones in charge of the media lead us to think not much further than our own personal appearance. We throw ourselves into handbags, home improvements and hairstyles with aplomb and forget that we are connected to anything other than the green stuff in our purses.

So many of us barely even look up. We are locked into a world of propaganda. Safe in the knowing that anything that really matters is being taken care of and we can go about our business with our happy blinkers on. Only ever looking to the weekend, or our next pay-cheque to reinforce our caged happiness.

Oohhhh that got a tad serious didn't it. It's true though right? I mean do you know what's even going on in your own head? Probably not most of the time. How much silliness have you worried about today so far? How much of what you worried about had any basis in reality? Ah see... you know what I'm talking about. We are a people with monkey mind syndrome. Only calmed by hours and hours of TV, entertainment, video games, nightclubbing, shopping and other fascinating yet inane hobbies.

So my point is: Something has got to give. Because frankly, the world humans have created for ourselves is a tad shitty. We could do so much better. We could learn to live in our own bodies more fruitfully. We could turn down our inner chatter, stop worrying about anything and everyone and start making positive changes to our world. We could stop being so scared of each other and loving. Goddamit we could all recognise our energetic connections and use them for good instead of evil. We could be happy because we live in harmony with the planet, with the people on it, with our own families, even our mother-in-laws.

I may be being ambitious in my hopes for mankind. But why not? I actually believe that transforming our inner selves for the betterment of a happier humanity (animals and the environment too) is not that much to ask. All we need to do is sort our personal crap out, change our thinking and indulge some peace and love vibes, then act in accordance with what that brings. We just need to get moral and ethical and super duper nice. It doesn't even cost anything! It's brilliant right? I'm a genius. Seriously.

So that's my summary of what 2012 means. At least what it means to me. Get with the programme peeps. I'll leave the portals and ascension to the ones who know about it. But for the rest of us, for the mere mortals, I say we make December 21st our time to get real, get fabulous and start changing things for the better, get soulful, get spiritualized, one thought at a time. And who knows maybe, just maybe then we will start to see the world as it should be, beautiful, technicolor, radiant, a peaceful temporary home for our loved up, astonishing souls.

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