27/05/2013 17:56 BST | Updated 24/07/2013 06:12 BST

BNP Plans Woolwich 'Crusade'

The likes of the BNP never do anything altruistically. They see only an opening to spread division and distrust. They believe all publicity is good publicity, this is all the death of this poor young man is; publicity.

First of all let me say that what happened in Woolwich was down to two evil sadists who follow an evil ideology, the ideology of political Islam/Islamofascism. This ideology is a very real danger to the modern civilised world. It is destroying lives and making life intolerable for millions of people, especially women.

More learned people than me are having the debate about what is Islam and what is political Islam, and for the worlds sake this needs to continue.

I myself am an atheist and think all religious books should be consigned to history to remind us of the folly of man. I believe there is no room for them in the modern world.

I have experience of the BNP, and that is the viewpoint I write from.

We all knew that after the barbaric murder of Lee Rigby that the far right would mobilise. They have been waiting for another chance to jump on the bandwagon, and those two jihadists have given them exactly what they crave.

The likes of the BNP never do anything altruistically. They see only an opening to spread division and distrust. They believe all publicity is good publicity, this is all the death of this poor young man is; publicity.

In June they are planning a 'crusade' in Woolwich. They will be hoping that peoples 'very justified' anger will see a good turnout. There will be flag waving and emotional speeches. The party faithful will be there, but these people are not my concern. Like Anjem Choudary, they are so ingrained in their own paranoid hatred and resentment that they will never turn away from their paths.

What concerns me are the new people who will attend. The ones who are angry at what happened to this young man and in despair [rightly so] at successive governments ineptitude at dealing with the fascist narrative of political Islam. These are the potential new recruits to the party. Some won't be nationalists or racists. Some will be just like I was; furious at what is happening on the streets of Britain.

I myself got angry about the way the country was going, Islamists been one my concerns. Apprehensively I went to my first meeting not knowing what to expect. This was my first time meeting the anti BNP demonstrators. People screaming obscenities at me and calling me a Nazi!

This does not make you think "what am I doing here" in fact the very opposite happens. You get angry and shout back.

This resulted in me going into my very first meeting very open to BNP message, and when I pulled them up on anything I had heard, I believed them when they said it was just lies, spread by the people I had just encountered.

When it becomes apparent that these antis don't demonstrate against Islamofascism you ignore anything they say and see them as the enemy within.

Once you fall for this message then the BNP propaganda machine can start to chip away at you hoping to make you the nationalist racist that they need to grow the organisation [in my case it didn't work, but I have seen it work on others] .

The likes of Anjem Choudary will do the very same. No doubt, they will take disaffected and angry Muslims who are furious with the West's foreign policy and attempt to turn them into followers of political Islam. How long before they find another brainwashed fool who will walk onto a train with a rucksack full of explosives or brutally slay an innocent man in broad daylight?

Nick Griffin and Anjem Choudary are the same. Griffin tries to mould racist nationalists, Choudary tries to mould Islamofascists.

The ideology of Islamofascism, and the BNP needs to be scrutinised. The leaders need putting under the spotlight and shown for the backward looking bigots that they are.

We need to cut off the supply of new recruits to both ideologies. Several hundred screaming antifascists do not do this. Several hundred peaceful protestors showing that the community is united against their message would have a far greater impact. The anti-BNP organisations that on the whole do a good job, but need to realise that sometimes they are assisting Griffins recruitment process.

A friend of mine put it best when it comes to the anti-demos: "something loud enough to attract attention but not to provoke hatred and bitterness".