09/12/2012 13:34 GMT | Updated 08/02/2013 05:12 GMT

The UK Funniest Blogger Prize - Slight Return

When I won the UK's funniest blogger prize for my Scaryduck blog earlier this year, I vowed that I wouldn't defend the title. So, here I am, defending my title.

Yes, those charming people at The Dog's Doodahs have got their retaliation in early, and have launched their 2013 Funniest UK Blog award in December. As defending champion, I'm in there with my other site Angry People in Local Newspapers, which is a pictorial guide to angry people appearing in local newspapers, pointing at stuff and generally being angry.

However, this isn't all about self-promotion, and I want to give a fair shake of the stick to my fellow finalists. So, in the spirit of "other blogs are available", here's a run-down of the six fine sites who made the final cut:

  • Angry People in Local Newspapers: In which one woman, her naked neighbour and a raw sausage on a fork started a website that has taken over my life
  • Best Dad I Can Be: Wonderfully written site in which Mark Richards talks about life as a father of three teenagers
  • The Further Adventures of OddBloke: I've been following Oddbloke for some time (though not in a stalky way), and he's always funny. The only blogger on the shortlist bribing potential voters with kittens
  • Bit Comedy: Does what it says on the tin - bite-sized comedy for quick laughs. An excellent destination to find the best laughs on the net
  • Sleep Talkin' Man: Hugely popular site about one woman and her husband's late night ramblings. Comes with audio recordings of poor sleepy lie-down comedian Adam's greatest hits. If this doesn't win there's something wrong with the world
  • Media Attention: Freelance TV cameraman Paul Martin, usually standing in a field and making sure there are moving pictures on (amongst others) BBC South Today every evening. Genuinely funny debunking of the glamour of TV news (Spoiler: There is no glamour)

I'm not in it for the AMAZING prize, so vote for me. (I am in it for the prize. But vote for me anyway. Or any of the others. Your call).