24/12/2013 05:13 GMT | Updated 22/02/2014 05:59 GMT

Inspirational Instagram

Inspirational Instagram's

Instagram has become part of many individuals day to day addiction. It can be described as addictive, and can for sure allow individuals to create a visual life for others to watch.

Instagram has practically become our new Facebook and is a multimillion dollar company at present and not only does it take up a fraction of my time but of nearlyy everyone I know around me.

That is why I want to take the time to write about those who actually use social networking tools such as Instagram not just to show their lives or bodies but to create a positive effect on our growing population.

These 4 individual females have paved ways on instagram, for people to start using it as a positive encouraging tool.

Lauren Bush Lauren, Kristin Hallenga, Somaly Mam, and kristen Titus. Are all women who have used Instagram in a positive way to visually show others their work, and to inspire and motivate others in similar situations to be strong.

Lauren Bush Lauren ( @laurenblauren )


From Houston, Texas. She's a fashion designer, model, niece of George W Bush- and the co-founder of FEED projects. Her original FEED bag in 2005 pledged to feed one school child for a year with every purchase. Since then, they've provided more than 60 million meals.

Kristin Hallenga ( @coppafeelpeople )


She is a 23 year old girl from London. Kristin was diagnosed with breast cancer. Doctors had dismissed her worries, saying it was incredibly rare at her age - and it spread to her spine. Kristin founded CoppaFeel, to educate young people on the importance of checking their breasts.

Somaly Mam ( @smfsomalymam )


A strong women from Cambodia who was sold into slavery as a child and forced to work in a brothel, where she was tortured and raped. After an aid worker helped her flee to france, she set up AFESL ( Which translated from French stands for Acting for Women In Distressing Situations ) in 1996, to help victims escape similar circumstances.

Kristen Tius ( @kristentitus )


Kristen is a feminist, idealist from New York, as she would describe herself. She is also the executive director of Girls Who Code. GWC bridges the gender gap in technology and engineering sectors by inspiring and equipping young women with the skills to succeed.