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New Year's Resolutions for Beauty, Skin & Soul This 2014

I like the thought of New Year's resolutions, I think it gives us a great goal to be a better "you" in the New Year. Most of us have the usual goals such as losing weight but if like me you'll do anything to lose weight but diet and exercise, you may want something a little more manageable.

If you haven't thought of any resolutions yet, here are some of my recommendations for resolutions that are easy to achieve:

  • My resolution last year was to get my hair in better condition. I always complain about my hair but don't do anything with it. Since January 2013 I have intensely conditioned my hair with Ojon Damage Reverse Restorative Hair Treatment Plus at least 3 times a month, I've also dramatically reduced the amount of blow-drying and straightening/curling I used to do and my once dry, colour damaged hair is now smooth, glossy and healthy. Long hair only looks good when it's in good condition, if your hair is looking a little frazzled then use 2013 to get those locks looking smooth and shiny.
  • Do you cleanse twice every evening? If not then now is the time to start. One cleanse really isn't enough to clear away any make-up or dead skin and debris that collects on your skin every day. Cleanse as early as possible; those extra few hours allowing your skin to breath and regenerate will make a big difference.
  • Get exfoliating. Exfoliating not only makes the skin look healthier but removing the dead skin stops the pores from becoming clogged and also allows your moisturisers and treatments to penetrate deeper, giving better results. I prefer chemical exfoliants such as glycolic acid and salicylic acid which remove these skin cells without the need for harsh scrubs. Increasing cell turnover with these acids can also stimulate the skin to create more collagen. If you don't like the idea of acids, the Dermaflannel is a great option.
  • Don't forget the bits of your body that you aren't showing. A lot of people only look after their face and hands during the winter and have a mad panic to get smooth, radiant skin on their arms and legs (especially knees and elbows) when the summer comes around. If this is you, make sure you exfoliate once or twice a week and moisturise daily. For a quick, no nonsense body moisturiser I love Vaseline Spray and Go. I also love Nivea's in-shower moisturiser.
  • Battling cellulite? You've probably tried numerous creams that claim to do wonders for the skin but haven't worked? Unfortunately there isn't really a quick fix for cellulite other than good, old fashioned exercise. My cellulite got really bad during my pregnancy. Since having my baby in May 2013 I haven't worked out as much as I should but I have been wearing my Zaggora Capri trousers (which are work out trousers made from Neoprene) a few times a week when I'm working from home, cleaning etc. They make you sweat with minimal work and I really have noticed a big difference in the condition of my skin; you have to squeeze my legs to see any cellulite now when it was clearly visible before. I'm looking forward to seeing the results when I start working out!
  • Vitamins; the only time I'm good with vitamins is during pregnancy but I'm making a point of changing that in the new year, especially as I became a pescetarian this year (I eat seafood but not meat). Unless you have a perfect diet it's unlikely your body has all the vitamins it requires. Vitamins such as the B vitamins and Omega oils can also improve the condition of your skin. Be careful of Vitamin B12 and Omega 6 if you suffer with acne as there are reports that these can cause inflammation. I actually started this in December because I was showing signs of anaemia and I really am feeling so much better.
  • Do you look at your hands and wish you had beautiful, strong nails? Get yourself some sweet almond oil and massage the oil in to your cuticles and nails every evening, you'll see results within a couple of weeks and if you continue to do it every day your nails will remain strong. Avoid nail polish remover that contains acetone as it can really dry out the nails.
  • Maybe you're fed up of your skin whether you have acne or ageing skin? Yet you often get days where you don't bother to cleanse at night and you never use a face masque. If this is you, now is the time to change. If you're too tired at night to cleanse, do it earlier. Don't find time to exfoliate and use a face masque? Use an all in one such as the Volcanic Mud Cleanser/Masque. Don't want to apply a separate moisturiser and SPF? Find one that combines both. Skincare really is simple when you get in to a routine, once you force yourself to do if for 30 days it will then become habit.
  • Feet are often a big problem for a lot of people when it comes to sandal weather and no matter how pretty your shoes are, cracked heals are a big no no. Start now; exfoliate your feet with a ped egg once or twice a week and moisturise every evening. If your feet are very dry, apply a nourishing oil and pop on a pair of cotton socks, wear for a few hours while watching TV or for best results, overnight. Do this every day and your feet will be gorgeous by the summer. If that doesn't help it's best to see a chiropodist.
  • Take some pictures. Whatever you're unhappy with, take a picture now, follow your new beauty resolution and then take a picture in a year's time, hopefully you'll see a difference.
  • My resolution is to get a new exercise regime and to make time for friends. I regularly see a handful of my friends but there are a few I adore but hardly ever see; I plan on changing that this year. No matter how well cleansed my skin is or how beautiful my nails are, life is nothing without wonderful friends and family.

    Feel free to leave me a comment to let me know your resolution, let's convene here next year and see if we've all stuck to our resolutions. Here's to a beautiful and happy 2014.