30/04/2013 07:40 BST | Updated 26/06/2013 06:12 BST

Evolution of the Wedding Cake


It can be said that mixing and baking a cake is the easy part of the cake baking process. Each wedding cake is carefully selected by the bride and groom from a variety of flavours the cake maker has on offer. Bakers already have the skills necessary to get the job done, but the problem is now in the delivery. Cakes are no longer simple two or three tier white iced creations. To keep up with the times, cakes have become even more intricate. Decorative designs include delicate sugar paste flowers, sculpted chocolate ruffles and folds jutting out from all angles.

With so much more time and effort going into each cake, the tricky part is now making sure the cake arrives on time, and in one piece. In order to make sure the wedding cake is delivered correctly, you need the right person for the job, without incurring huge costs. Companies such as uShip, allow you to get quotes suited for each individual journey, enabling you to also make a great saving.

The perfect wedding cake has, in modern times, become the centerpiece of a wedding. We want cakes to be beautifully crafted pieces of art. We want to surprise our guests, with cakes that are taller, and more colourful than ever. With popular television shows such as Choccywoccydoodah, Amazing Wedding Cakes and Big Fat Gypsy Wedding highlighting the growing trend of having a wedding cake to­-die-­for!

The hit BBC television show, The Great British Bake Off has also played a huge part in the growing trend of home baking in the UK. Now, more than ever people are picking up their wooden spoons, getting knee deep in cake batter and setting up shop. With huge developments in equipment used for cake making, and creative ideas, which are easily shared internationally via social networks, like the increasingly popular Pinterest, cake makers are finding more and more ways of creating the wow factor that brides­to­be crave.

Wedding cakes often now incorporate trends from popular culture, from ombre hair, came ombre cakes. Tim Burton's film creations have also had an effect on the wedding industry, bringing about topsy turvy cake creations, "mad hatter" style, and of course the reemergence of 80s and 90s bright and bold fashion, bringing with it the very popular rainbow cakes. All of these elements cause instability, some cakes can even self-destruct, meaning that new methods for securing the cake during transport is not only an expert mission, but essential.

The wedding cake has and always will symbolise the sharing of sweetness and good luck of the couple to their guests, with the tradition of sharing of food and breaking of bread over the couple dating back to the Roman period. Increasingly in modern times it has become a competition as to who can have the most intricately designed wedding cake.