26/02/2016 05:28 GMT | Updated 25/02/2017 05:12 GMT

How to Deal With Trolls Online

With the positive of social media comes the negativity of people trying to upset you and bring you down. The important thing is to figure out the best way to deal with trolls and how to make sure that you deal with it in the best way possible.

The internet is a wonderful thing right? I mean honestly how would we all be able to deal with not being able to go online to do some shopping, or being able to talk on Twitter? Social media and the internet has become such a huge part of our lives, it would be strange not to come home or look on our phones to check up on social media. However with the positive of social media comes the negativity of people trying to upset you and bring you down. The important thing is to figure out the best way to deal with trolls and how to make sure that you deal with it in the best way possible.

So what are some of the best ways to deal with trolls?

Understand Who Your Troll Is

This person who is trolling you, they're not someone who is disagreeing with something you're saying, or what you do, they're doing it because a lot of the time they think they can get away with it. They're sitting behind a computer screen doing whatever they want because they can, but remember that trolling can also include cyberbullying. Your troll is looking for a reaction, to bring you down, to upset you, and I promise you you are stronger than that.

Don't Add Fuel To The Fire

When it comes to trolls online, you don't want to add more more fuel to their comments, so avoiding them is the best option. I know at the time it can make you angry or annoyed, or upset you and you might say things that you don't mean, honestly though it isn't worth it, no matter how much it might make you feel better. This is exactly what they want, they're wanting a reaction from you, they want you to show how you're feeling, and trust me, they're not worth the time of day! I know it is difficult when you just want to just tell them to go away or have a go back at them, but it just continues to carry on between you.

Don't Give Them The Platform To Talk

If you're getting messages on your blog, website, or social media feel free to delete them, get rid of them straight away. If someone is being offensive, take control of the situation, I know on my blog I can actually block the IP address which stops that person from that IP address commenting. Or continue to block them or report them to the company from where you're getting them from. There are laws against cyberbullying and if you are being threatened with violence or mindless abuse, please do not put up with it, report it.

Kill Them With Kindness

When it comes to trolls they are looking for you to get really angry, but in all honesty if you're nice to them and you just turn around and agree to then disagree and let them get back to their life. Their comments are not worth the time of day, you're a stronger person than that and you don't need them in your life. Be kind, ignore them and they will go back to their lives and hopefully they will never darken your door again.

Make It Clear You've Heard Their Comments

Trolls want to make sure that they've been heard and I've learned from previous experience by addressing them in a calm manner and making sure that you're clear that you've heard them. They're very much like bullies in real life (this time they're just bullies online) if they feel like you've listened to them it usually means that their behaviour stops.

Remember The Appreciators

There are so many trolls out there but think of it this way, for every troll there is a hundred people who appreciate you. Whether it is friends, family, people who love your work, people who appreciate you, people who come back constantly for repeat custom or people who are there for you no matter what. The right people are there through the hard times and build you up when you're down.

Be Professional

What you've got to remember, whether you're running a blog or you're a business, if you're lashing out, it could do more harm than good to you, even if it makes you feel much better. You can't please everyone, but if you feel the need to address those comments then do it a calm, and professional manner and get them to email you about what problems you have had.

Don't Dwell On The Negatives

I know it is easier said than done, but in all honesty, it isn't worth the time of day, you're an incredible person in every way shape or form, and whatever you do! Whatever you do, don't waste time on something that someone who has never met you has said, they don't know you, why do they have a right to comment?

For more help with cyberbullying, please click this link for services that can help you.