Discovering Your Luck

Discovering Your Luck

My garden is full of clover.

Because I sit in the garden to write, I often get distracted and start day dreaming. I often look down at the ground and almost always manage to find a four leaf clover.

They say there's only one in every hectare. But I can honestly confirm that to be bullshit.

They also say that it brings you luck. I can confirm that to be bullshit also. We make our own luck.

There's no such thing as luck.

I suppose it's "lucky" to be able to find these rare four leaf clovers, but I think it's got more to do with opening your eyes, and concentrating on what it is you're searching for. When I do find these clovers, I'm actually looking for them. And I almost always manage to find them. It's always a deliberate find.

Those that do not open their eyes and actively search, will claim that you are indeed lucky. Yet all it took was paying attention. And a little bit of a combination of patience, focus, and tenacity. You will almost always find what you are searching for on a long enough time line.

Why do you always hear people telling you to never give up? It's your will and determination that determine your "luck". Nothing else.

The same principles can be applied to life.

You need to keep your eye on the prize. Focus on what it is you are after.

I remember reading "The Secret" quite a few years ago. I was on a flight from LA to Auckland.

I arrived in Auckland, and the next morning when I woke, I went and had breakfast. It was winter time, so I was wearing a scarf.

I sat down in the restaurant, and it was quite warm. I removed my scarf, and placed it over the back of chair. In my mind I said "I mustn't forget that".

After breakfast, I got in the elevator and headed downstairs.

"Damn" I said in my mind, mentally slapping my forehead. I'd forgotten my scarf.

That's the power of your mind. What you think about, you bring about.

I was so intensely focused on not leaving my scarf behind, that that's exactly what I did.

"The Secret" teaches that wherever you send your thoughts, they will manifest as such.

After all, everything began as a thought.

You and I began as a thought. Whatever you're wearing right now started as a thought. Look down at what you're wearing, and think about how that outfit came to be. The way you're wearing your hair today began as a thought. Whatever you eat for lunch today would be as a result of a thought.

The car you drive, the job you're in, the way your home is furnished. You have actively participated in the creation of it all.

That's also why I say that I don't believe in God. That we are God.

We create everything that we have. We manifest it. Our luck, our sorrow, our wealth, our lack of wealth, our children, our everything.

It all begins as a thought.

Even the act of prayer, is essentially a thought. Driving a strong current into the universe of what we desire.

Now, I'm a walking contradiction so I will admit to something right now - sometimes, I pray. I pray to God. I've actually been praying a lot lately. But what I think I'm really doing is sending out my hopes and wishes into the universe. I'm focusing on what I want.

And sometimes I don't have the answer, so I pray to that higher self that resides within, to help me find the answer.

I often find we are a little disconnected from that higher self, and that's where a lack of focus and direction comes from. Not knowing what we want.

We all connect through different channels. I always say "whatever gets you to where you need to go".

For some, it's through organised religion. For others, through sport. And for others through meditation.

The common bond with all of it is FOCUS.

Which of course, brings me back to my uncanny knack of finding the rare and lucky four leaf clovers.

All it takes to find your "luck", is focus.

Concentrate on what you're searching for, don't be distracted, and I guarantee you will always find whatever it is you're searching for.

And whatever it takes to find what you're searching for, is true, and right for you. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Draw on whatever resources you have, and whatever gets you to where you need to go.

Only then will you discover your "luck".

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