My Heart, My Mind, and My Balls

I've taken off again like a gypsy. I am currently in a small town in Northern Thailand, called Pai, in Mae Hong Son province near the Myanmar border which lies along the Pai river, staying with my soul sister.

I've taken off again like a gypsy.

I am currently in a small town in Northern Thailand, called Pai, in Mae Hong Son province near the Myanmar border which lies along the Pai river, staying with my soul sister.

This is the second time I've visited this region.

I was here for a few days back in June where I did all the touristy things.

I visited the hot springs, the waterfalls, the canyon.

Yet this time upon my return, I'm having a totally different experience.

My friend, whom has been living here for a little while now, lives in a quaint little bungalow in the jungle.

The sound of the insects keep us awake each evening. There is nothing but the stars and moon that illuminate the night sky.

There is a bizarre stillness in the air that has this palpability to it. I'm not sure how to describe it other than this place contains an intoxicating energy.

It's certainly one of the most unique destinations I've visited throughout my years of travel.

This small town has a close-knit community feel to it, and attracts artists from all over. Each with an interesting story to tell. You couldn't dream up these characters if you tried.

Hence the appeal that magnetically draws all of these impossibly creative types to this magical place.

As my friend lives here, we are now interacting with the locals that reside here.

The other night, we went to an open poetry night at a place called "Art and Chai".

Our new friend got up to read something that he had written.

For me it offered an interesting insight into the minds of men.

I often write about the battle between our heads and our hearts.

And now, I understand that men have an added complexity to them. And I found his poem not only amusing, but also endearing for some reason.

I love nothing more than honesty, authenticity, and vulnerability. And a lot of men are afraid to be as candid as what our friend chose to be that evening.

So let me introduce our new friend.

His name is Damien Pitw. He is a Frenchman living in magical Pai.

Having left his steady job in finance, Damien is living a life dedicated to passionate simplicity.

Sparked by curiosity, he has delved into the creative arts of baking and poetry. He has been engrossed in perfecting Kombucha ( and pate with his own unique touch of love and care.

Damien is a proponent of locally produced food and constructive conversations that contribute to a morale society and evolve the human mind, especially these two intertwined over a glass of wine.

"This poem was inspired by Grand Corps Malade. Thanks to him.

My Heart, my Mind, and my Balls

I'd like a word with you ladies who haunt me day and night,

A word of secret stories about us guys' everyday plight.

Our love for you is cursed and tainted by a mystery

Sometimes even worse than that of your femininity

The male body is a haven for three organs to rule,

Three desperate leaders making me look like a fool.

Forever a fight of fearless fiends and foes

has been raging within my heart, my mind and my balls.

Please ladies excuse us all the nonsense we display,

When we make a fuss of love and then push you away.

It's because of all this mess in our body:

The heart, the mind and the balls discuss, but they never agree.

My heart is an open door letting everyone in,

but my head always thinks fore and doesn't fall in.

When my jewels jiggle for a desire that calls,

My mind gets in the way, and it's breaking my balls.

My head told my heart in would not give up its crown,

If my cock had a heartache it would even let them down.

My bollocks didn't like the heartless tone of the brains,

But since my heart doesn't have the balls, in power the mind remains.

My balls don't think so much but have a hearty appetite

And if my heart wouldn't mind, they would party every night.

Sometimes my heads fucks it up and my heart bleeds,

It hurts more than a kick in the nuts, I know how it feels.

I painfully love all women as I playfully fear them,

Now you know why my life around them is such a mayhem.

But as long as the fight goes on there'll all kind of loves,

So I remain under the control of my heart, my mind, and my balls."