04/02/2015 05:44 GMT | Updated 06/04/2015 06:59 BST

I Never Expected to Be Diagnosed With Cancer at Thirty

My name is Amy and I am currently undergoing treatment for cancer. Finding out I had breast cancer at the age of just 30 took away a huge part of me and really knocked my confidence, but deep down I knew I could still be that bubbly girl who embraces each day.

Up until last spring I had been enjoying life as a healthy gym bunny, always outgoing and taking on everything life had to offer. I had noticed I'd been feeling more tired lately, and had a feeling that something wasn't right - but I never expected to hear the C word.

On 2nd May 2014, I was diagnosed with Stage II breast cancer. After finding two lumps myself, doctors found a further three tumours within my right breast and confirmed the devastating news.

When they told me it was cancer, my world fell apart. At the time I was a fit young woman enjoying life. My 30th year was always going to be my year of travels, of life, success and love. But instead it became my year to fight.

Finding out you've got cancer takes away a huge part of you - it makes you lose your confidence, and you question 'why me?' I didn't think I'd be able to fulfil any of my dreams; instead I just had to concentrate on beating this disease.

Straight away, the only thing that doctors could do to save my life was to remove the entire inside of my breast and my nipple, and begin reconstructive surgery. Just two weeks later, on May 15th, I was in hospital for surgery, wondering how life had changed so dramatically in such a short space of time. After recovering from my operation I was to then undergo four and a half months of chemotherapy, three weeks of radiotherapy and one further operation.

It was a daunting prospect to say the least. But my friends and family helped me through. Having their support was so important and gave me strength when I needed it most.

My treatment isn't over yet - I'll be on courses of drugs for the next ten years which will stop me from producing oestrogen and hopefully prevent my cancer from returning.

Despite everything, I feel like I've been lucky. That doesn't mean to say that this has been easy, but I am so thankful that I have had incredible support. Now I want to do my bit to help others - I'm determined to get even fitter than I was before cancer, running faster and further than before. I want to take on Race for Life to inspire those who are still battling cancer and in memory of those, such as my Nan, who haven't been as lucky as me.

Before cancer I was full of energy and never took a moment for granted and I still don't now; even though I'm going through treatment, I know I can still be happy and make a difference. I want to show everyone that with strength, determination and incredible support you can overcome this horrible illness. 

My friends united to rally around me, and thanks to the way they've come together I've been able to start my life again and think about my future. Today is World Cancer Day, and I'll be uniting with my wonderful mum and my best friend Donna, who has been my rock. They've given me a reason to fight. If we all unite together, we will beat cancer sooner.

To support World Cancer Day with me you can text UNITE to 70200 to donate just £3*, each small donation will make a huge difference. You can also join in on social media by writing who you're uniting with on your hand, taking a photo and sharing it using the hash tag #WeWillUnite. To find out more just visit www.cruk.org/worldcancerday

*Texts charged at £3 plus a standard rate text (age 16+, UK mobiles only). From this, Cancer Research UK will receive £2.93. Closes 28/02/15. To discuss this mobile payment call 0300 123 1861. Full Ts&Cs at www.cruk.org/text