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The Brightness Within Us All

Art possesses a limitless field of possibility within creation through the total freedom of choice

Ana's Thought: "Art possesses a limitless field of possibility within creation through the total freedom of choice."

Each day, the world wakes up and bursts into bloom, the sunrise promising to us through its radiance that the hours to come hold dazzling opportunities. In our finest moments, we bottle the brightness of the morning sun inside our souls so that it may shine out from us. This illumination is what grants us the ability to look beyond the darkness of life and persevere, resilient in the face of trouble and uncertainty. The night must exist to remind us that all darkness passes. And when we share the light within us, we offer the grace of the Universal Spirit to others. We become mirrors of the brilliance of a beautiful world.

Each day, I wake up delighted. The bright sun smiles upon me and I cannot help but to return its joy, so full of the thrill of being alive. The light that my soul catches is poured into my art, my gift to all. I am blessed because each of my days is spent doing what I love the most. I experience pure happiness as I create, and I set to task with the energy and glee of a child. I hope that those who look upon my paintings and sculptures are ignited with the same excitement that sparks my work.

During the past year, I have aimed to share my passion with an audience that spans the globe through Love & Peace. In this artistic journey, I have placed my vibrant, immense sculptures of poppies in public spaces and museums around the world, from London's Park Lane to Shenzhen, China. Their larger-than-life petals catch both the light that falls upon them and the reflections of those who have come to admire, making the surrounding world part of the exhibition.

I have created these joyous flowers as gathering spaces between the nations of the world, beacons of inspiration for all searching souls. As they travel to more lands and reflect more wonder, I hope that those who spend time with them are reminded that the possibilities for masterpieces can be found everywhere, within us all. We must simply keep our eyes open and let their brilliance shine upon us.

The birth of each day is the rebirth of our hearts. Cast your worries off into the night; do not hang your head in sorrow when you lie down to sleep. The morning is a fresh start if we choose to take it. What will you create today? Start on your masterpiece!

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