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Capturing History on Canvas

Original Art is a signpost for history

Ana's Thought: "Original Art is a signpost for history."

When it seems to us that all is standing still, the earth's dance through space goes on - and so we are all taken for a fantastic voyage! We strive to capture events as they occur so that our history is not lost from us while moments, months, decades slip by. We wish to share the lessons we learn and our great accomplishments with all people, because each is a chapter in the collective story of mankind.

Records of time are kept in words so that future generations can read and reference to the journeys of those who came before them. Photos allow us to see how things were by capturing an instant, transporting us into the past. But art is the most unique of all our historical records - it enables us to experience the emotions of lost eras. Art communicates in ways that words and photos simply cannot.

Great art can define an age. As we walk down the path of man's existence, our eyes are drawn to the gilded majesty of the Renaissance, the soft, delicate grace of Impressionism, the breathtaking intricacy of Art Nouveau. With movements of such magnitude, the work becomes a part of the everyday, not confined to museum walls or frames. At its most powerful, art transcends any niche or scene to truly become the property of all - a force of life.

Art also serves as a cultural thermometer, indicating to viewers the political and social climate of its time. Picasso's magnificent and tragic Guernica spoke directly to the hearts of all who suffered through the Spanish Civil War. Changes in the nature of France's art spoke of the nation's unrest at the time of its Revolution - the shallow beauty of the Rococo style was abandoned in favor of stern, heroic Neo-classicism. Mankind turns to art to reflect on the shifting world, allowing us to process our emotional responses and find that we are never alone.

Artists of the present day must consider what record they are leaving behind for the generations to come. It is simple to become trapped in the details of just 'being,' neglecting the Big Picture - but if we do not strive to paint our era with the colors of beauty, how will we be remembered? May we use our gifts to both document the reality of our time and to work toward a better world where Love and Peace flourish.