05/09/2013 06:10 BST | Updated 01/11/2013 05:12 GMT

Technology Brings Down the Walls Between Art and Audience

Ana's Thought: "Artist, live and paint in the present each day, for that is all there is."

As years go by, I have learned to take pleasure in the simple joys offered by life. In recent times, I have found a new delight to brighten my days: technology's great power to build bridges between us.

Even as my exhibitions travel the world, there will always be some corner they cannot reach. For this reason, I believe that technology is the contemporary artist's most powerful tool in connecting with potential audiences. My Facebook fan page, with a following of over 400,000 users, reflects a universal enjoyment of energy and serenity that inspires me. Each day, I receive comments from people across the globe - from South America to the Middle East, I am greeted by the kind words of those who are moved by the art I create. This, in turn, sparks in me the will to give more of myself - a beautiful symbiosis of giving and receiving of ourselves.


A screenshot of the Ana Tzarev Facebook page.

Today's artists are alive and active in a time unlike any that came before. Our predecessors

were never afforded the opportunity to have their work sown so readily! The Internet is a river with rapid currents, sending information throughout the world - you never know when your art will be picked up and carried on. The seed of your creation is picked up by its mighty wind and carried off to bloom. You no longer need to have your name in lights to be known.

Not only does technology forge a path between the creators and appreciators, but it also opens the doors to collaboration between artists. Distance is no longer a hindrance - technology has made it an afterthought.


A sample post from Ana Tzarev's page.

As for the creators who came before us, their work has been imbued with new life. Through efforts like Google Art Project, the art of the ages continues to dazzle and spark wonder into our new era. We can be immersed in history with no more than a click.

The way that we experience art has been forever altered, and I truly feel that it is for the best. Today's technology provides art with the verve and vigor it deserves, with no stolid walls to tether it. Free to all mankind and with doors always open, the world has become our gallery. All you must do is click!