KFC UK and Ireland Goes Green On Forests

12/12/2012 10:35 GMT | Updated 10/02/2013 10:12 GMT

A HUGE thank you to KFC UK & Ireland for removing Asia Pulp and Paper (APP) from their supply chain!

As some of you may know APP has earned the dubious reputation of illegally logging Indonesian rainforests, turning it into paper pulp and selling it to KFC.

Until recently KFC UK & Ireland had denied the connection, but an investigation by Greenpeace found evidence of rainforest fiber in their famous fast food packaging.

While KFC UK & Ireland's commitment is great news for its customers, the fact remains that it is just one of over 100 international subsidiaries controlled by its parent company Yum Brands of Kentucky, USA.

So the big question remains will its CEO Mr David Novak follow the lead of his subsidiary, stand up to the plate and use his brand as a force for good by protecting what's left of our planets remaining forests and delicate ecosystem?

As for me I will continue with the following protest, by reading my open letter, inside and outside of KFC locations worldwide.


Mr David Novak,

CEO, Yum Brands, parent company of KFC.

According to Greenpeace you're using rainforest material in your fast food packaging. Since rainforest's are essential to our planets long-term health your company is contributing to the acceleration of deforestation, greenhouse gas emissions, animal extinction and the displacement of indigenous people.

To date your company has refused to meet or even respond to repeated requests from Greenpeace, WWF, and the Dogwood Alliance, to sit down and lay the framework for a sustainable business model. A disappointing response and one that does not reflect a company led by a CEO with a reputation for outstanding corporate leadership. 

Mr Novak, please may I ask you to STOP buying packaging from any supplier that is not certified by the Forest Stewardship Council ( and to demonstrate a firm commitment to our environment by meeting with an environmental NGO and to use your brand as a force for good by adopting a zero deforestation policy across your entire supply chain.

So people of Los Angeles and those watching via the internet, please join me by boycotting KFC until they take the necessary steps to protect this beautiful planet we each call home for our children and their children's, children, 100, 500 and a 1000 years from now!