03/10/2014 13:00 BST | Updated 03/12/2014 05:59 GMT

Driving rhe Crew With Julian Gerighty

Ubisoft's forthcoming driving MMO The Crew is released later this year and I sat down with Julian Gerighty, the games Creative Director to talk about it.


THE CREW was born out of a dream to create a living, breathing world of car enthusiasts. A world in which any driving fantasy can be realized - street, dirt, cross-country, circuit - The game was built with cooperation at its heart. We believe the technology is finally here to make this dream a reality.

The first innovation that THE CREW brings to the action-driving genre is a massive open-world filled with activities, gigantic in scope, which delivers an unprecedented level of gameplay variety. The entire USA is your driving playground, covering thousands of square miles, from city to suburb, county to county, state to state, coast to summit. THE CREW defines what freedom truly means in a driving game, without any barriers and invisible walls to restrict your car to the road. In this huge open world, go anywhere at any moment and use the surrounding environment to your advantage. Take that cop chase off-road and watch those cumbersome patrol cars spin out in the dirt, or maybe just hide in a corn field...

There is also some new gameplay in there too captured from the Xbox One version of the game, so over to Julian:

The Crew will be available November 11th for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.