(VIDEO) UK's Sky Aims For Multi-Platform Sequential Advertising

(VIDEO) UK's Sky Aims For Multi-Platform Sequential Advertising

LONDON -- Don't expect TV advertising to die a death any time soon - but get set for online ad techniques to take the medium to new heights. That's the view from the top of one of the world's most notable deployed addressable-advertising platforms.

"TV advertising will not fundamentally change in the short term," Jamie West, deputy director of UK satellite and telco operator BSkyB's ad sales division Sky Media, which this January launched Sky AdSmart, tells Beet.TV in this video interview. "Big brands are going to continue to want to use TV exactly as they do today. TV is the number one brand-building medium."

AdSmart uses Sky customer data to analyze viewers, sending household-specific linear TV ads to their set-top boxes. West expects addressability to let advertisers "top up" TV campaigns with online-style targeting.

"We will be joining up all of the platforms that we operate on," he adds, "- whether it be display, video or on TV - to offer a holistic campaign to advertisers to be able to sequentially target across those platforms... serving three ads in-home, followed by a VOD execution on Sky Go and a call to action on your phone when you're near that store."

This interview is part of a series titled The State Of Video, a series sponsored by AOL Platforms. Please visit this page for all the videos from the series. This session was recorded in London.

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