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Toys R Us CEO Discusses Skylanders Portal Incompatibility and High Ebay Prices

After the announcement event in New York for Skylanders Swap Force, the new game in the series that uses toys to access in-game characters, I caught up with Jerry Storch (CEO Toys R Us) to ask him about Skylanders eBay prices and the new game's portal incompatibility.

This year's game will require a new portal for players to access the Swap Force figures. Unlike Giants that offered owners of the original game a way to avoid buying another portal, Swap Force will only be available in Starter Pack form.

Skylanders Swap Force supports all the previous toy characters from the series as well as introducing 16 mix and match figures, 16 new core Skylanders, 16 series 3 reposed toys and 8 new light-core light up figures.

The game is being developed by Vicarious Visions this year, rather than Toys for Bob, and offers higher definition visuals as well as new Elemental zones that require a combination of two elements to enter in addition to the new Swap zones that require a certain Swap Force figures to access.

Currently Skylanders Swap Force doesn't have a release date announced.

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