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The So-Called 'Trollsen' Twins

So, it seems PETA have gone ape shit on the Olsen twins dubbing them Hairy-Kate and Trashly Trollsen. All because they just launched a bag costing €17,000. Well it's not the cost per se but the fact that it's made from fur. Do you agree with PETA calling out designers, store owners etc? While the Olsens are not short of a few quid, many people make their living selling animal fur and such negative attention can be detrimental. It's a sensitive issue and many people, including me, will remain on the fence... but Anna Wintour is an unashamed fan and refuses to apologise for her penchant for fur. Shouldn't there be freedom to decide either way without fear of being targeted? Or are PETA just protecting those animals who can't protect themselves?

Images via PETA