30/07/2014 09:19 BST | Updated 29/09/2014 06:59 BST

Danielle Tyler Wasn't Banned From 'Miss England', She Was Never Eligible to Enter

Danielle Tyler from Derbyshire is not eligible to enter Miss England, she was never banned . The criteria is set out in advance for anyone entering. She chose not to read the rules of entry. She was never eligible to enter.

They are many competitions that are aimed at a certain sex, age group or other demographic. There are competitions where you have to be a mum. There are competitions where you have to be an adult over 18, over 25, or over 65 & children's competitions.

If you are married and have kids you can enter one of the Miss GB's ( NOT THE ONE MISS GB UNIVERSE THEY HAVE THE SAME RULE AS US RE- CHILDREN)

If you are aged 17-25, not married and do not have kids then you can enter Miss England with the many opportunities that it offers for young ladies that are eligible to enter.

You must be a role model for your generation, of good character and free and unfettered to enter in to an exclusive agreement with Miss World Limited.

Men cannot enter. Mums cannot enter. Married women cannot enter. Women under 17 (on the date of the Miss World final) cannot enter. Women over 25 cannot enter.

There are many groups of people who fall outside the Miss England entry criteria. Miss England is a competition where the winner wins fabulous prizes and goes on to represent England at the Miss World final.

Miss World is an annual competition to find a beautiful young lady, with exceptional charisma, skill, talent and communication ability, to be a brand ambassador for Miss World's Beauty With A Purpose Charity Programme, on an international level, in more than 150 countries, for up to three years. Many millions of dollars are raised every year through Beauty With A Purpose to assist sick and deprived children.

It is therefore essential that the winner of Miss World be a role model for her community, a role model for her country and a role model for all young people in the world.