Starting a Dotcom Dream - Part Three

17/07/2012 10:18 BST | Updated 17/07/2012 10:18 BST

Two years after the launch of Girl Meets Dress, the first and leading online Luxury rental destination, founder Anna Bance recalls how progress is being made to fulfil her dotcom dream

Having a fashion ecommerce company means that the events I attend fall into one of two camps: Fashion or Tech. Last Wednesday it was definitely an evening of fashion as I headed to The Hospital Club, London WC2 to #mydailypresents, a panel discussion with designer Mary Katrantzou, Melanie Rickey, Alexander Fury and Sasha Wilkins - chaired by the lovely Libby Banks, stylish Editor at - AOL's supersite for daily fashion content.

I bump into Jessica Markwood on the way in, editorial director & Catwalk Queen and we snack on mini fish and chips, admire the Karl Largerfeld cake pops and catch up on all things business, online and fashion.

I love it when events have a live Twitter screen feed running throughout the evening and although my usually very trustworthy blackberry was having reception difficultly inside the building, I made up for it at the end of the night - into the street to torrential rain. Of course it had to be the one night I decide to wear my very oversized leather Zara bag. Of course, as we know, usually leather can get wet. You expect this as a minimum requirement for a handbag. Not this bag. Even one droplet creates a permenant bubble in the leather. I learnt this early on in my purchase but decided to live with it, I was already in love. Geeky but only solution? Yes I really do carry a clear bin bag in the inside pocket of the tote. Added plus side? My Karl cake pop stayed dry and survived the journey home and straight into my stomach.

Since becoming a CVTF500 member, it seems Courvoisier has become my staple drink over the past couple of weeks. I was invited to the press launch of the Courvoisier Institute of Grand Cocktails, housed in the vast Victoria House in Bloomsbury Square, London WC1 . From 8pm for 1 hour, groups of c 20 people were taken on a tour through 6 different rooms, led by actors in costume telling the Courvoisier story. As each room passed, we noticed that the strength of the cocktails increased, and it wasn't long before we were chatting to a man standing on a table popping bubble wrap and being blindfolded by actors in lab coats.

The Courvoisier Future 500 started in 2007, the brand's own exclusive network of pioneers, entrepreneurs and revolutionary spirits from the arts, social enterprise, business, science, gastronomy and fashion. Last Friday I attended my first member networking event at the The Future Gallery in Leicester Square. The diverse mix of professions under one roof was interesting and in one evening I met the founder of a home cookery school, a wedding photographer, the founder of a dating advice chat forum for men and the author of 'What do Men think about apart from Sex?' (yes you've guessed it, the book is completely blank)

I finished my blueberry cocktail (ok plural) and walked over to The Strand for fantastic weekly Friday night networking event Silicon Drinkabout. This week they were based at members club Adam Street - showing support after news broke about a possible eviction. The buildings housing Adam Street Private Members' Club and Adam House serviced offices were to be sold by Halifax Bank of Scotland.

At the time of writing this no final details / dates have been confirmed. Of course, no institution wants an unexpected upheaval of a new home for their members, but I know for sure that the regulars who frequent Adam Street will follow wherever they go.

P.S I think it is crucial to live your brand and I wear at least one GMD dress a week.

This is a dress by Marc Jacobs which I love wearing. You can rent it here >