05/12/2016 05:16 GMT | Updated 05/12/2017 05:12 GMT

Dear Gracie, I'd Love For You To Be Part Of The Biggest Conservation Success Story In Our Time

Anna Friel

I wasn't going to write you this letter for fear of droning on at you again about the importance of looking after our planet but last night I got thinking about what to get you for Christmas and I started remembering my Christmases at your age. With everything going on in our world at the moment, do you still think Christmas is magical?

I could burst with excitement on Christmas Eve. Granddad would make up the most elaborate and amazing bedtime stories to try and get me to sleep. I loved those stories, full of wild and wonderful beasts, magic and hope - exactly how the world should be.

You're not surprisingly more into Instagram stories than Father Christmas stories now. But, I have an important bitesize story to tell you:

2016 has been a terrible year in many ways and seen so many special people leave this earth but for the first time in conservation history, we've seen an increase in wild tigers. Your favourite animal has depleted in numbers by over 95% in the last century but we are starting to turn that around and I would love for you to be a part of the biggest conservation success story in our time.

This is a magical thing.

It gives me so much hope for the future, because, through hard work and support, we can make a difference. Since you were born I've protected you like a tigress protects her cubs and I know you will do the same.

My angel girl, never grow out of seeing the magic in the world no matter how bad it seems. Talk to your friends and encourage them to protect each other and our planet too - it's more important now than ever.

I love you. Mama. xx

Find out how you can become a Tiger Protector with WWF here.